Next Steps: Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Not at Fault Accident

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In the US there were some 6.3 million vehicle crashes that caused damage, injury, or even death in 2015 alone.

For every party that is at fault, there is a party or parties that are not. Despite this being a not at fault accident, they still have to deal with legal implications of an accident. This whilst recovering from the accident itself.

How can a person expedite this process and avoid becoming a victim of both the accident – and an insurance company?

Check out the three most important things to remember after a not at fault accident.

Never Sign Anything Unless You Completely Understand it.

After an accident, paperwork will come at you from all angles. As a victim, you may just want to rest. Resist the temptation to expedite the process. Do not give the forms a simple cursory glance before signing. Pressuring patients to do this is a regular insurance company tactic.

The best thing you can do is take an organized approach. Ensure that you are not rushed, and read the forms thoroughly. It may be necessary to hire an attorney to help you understand the contents.

It is good to keep an organized file that contains all communications with the insurance company

Even in a Not at Fault Accident – Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Friends.

The days and weeks after an accident may be a time you need to convalesce. Yet, even during this time, it is important to speak very carefully with insurance representatives. Strictly limit your comments to the facts.

Avoid conjecture about what may have happened. This is especially true if it could give rise to doubt about liability or even give the impression that you admit fault.

Even in a not at fault accident, watching your words will pay off.

Do Not Immediately Accept the First Settlement Offer

Insurance is a business. However sympathetic an insurance adjuster may appear. Business is business. Would you accept the first offer in a negotiable business situation? Good business means not accepting the first offer.

Insurance companies know that you need cash to have your car repaired or quickly meet medical expenses. They will deliberately offer you a low offer in the hope that you will take it out of need. 

There are important reasons to wait. You may not immediately know the extent of your injuries – physical and emotional. This may also affect the duration of time that you are away from your employment.

Accepting an offer too quickly may lead you to accept an offer that does not actually meet your needs after an accident.

Pay Particular Attention to Your Medical Expenses.

The goal of the insurance company is to lower the settlement in any way possible. The company may try not to cover health insurance at all or may try to involve medical staff who are not covered by the insurance. This can lead to astronomical price hikes that the patient is left to cover meet.

Not at fault accidents leave innocent people victims, but there is no reason for them to be victims twice. 

Here at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP we have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies.

We will leverage our experience to protect you and your loved ones after the trauma of an accident.

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