Party Perfection: Throw an Awesome Get Together, on a Budget!

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We all lead busy lives, just about everyone would confess to needing more hours in the day at one time or another. Our day to day routines are mainly centered around work and other commitments which are never the most fun ways to spend time- when it comes to relaxation and socialization these things often take a back seat. But to get the most out of life, we need to be able to find balance. We need fun occasions to look forward to and enjoy, we need time spent with friends so we can socialize and have a good time. For this reason, parties are fantastic, they get everyone together for food, drinks and great conversation. However they’re not always the cheapest to host, and can actually set you back quite a bit especially if you’re holding them on a regular basis. Thankfully there are ways to keep costs down so you can enjoy your get togethers without breaking the bank.

Invest in glassware

It’s tempting to want to buy cheap plastic cups and glasses when you’re throwing a party to avoid things getting broken. But actually, buying single use plastic cups all the time will cost more in the long run and let’s face it, it’s not great for the environment either. If people are careful your glasses will last you time and time again and you won’t have to keep forking out every time you’re getting people together. Another piece of glassware that’s useful to have for regular parties is a drinks dispenser. You can mix up vodka or gin cocktails in a big batch and people can help themselves rather than having to pour their own measure every time. This can also save you money on alcohol as everyone will get the same amount of alcohol in each drink, rather than accidentally getting heavy handed with it after a few and going through it more quickly.

Go potluck style

Food and parties go hand in hand, and even if you’re not serving up a feast for your guests you’ll at least want a few nibbles. If each guest brings something along you have a nice mixture of things to share and there’s no major cost on one person. You could assign sweets, savouries and other categories to different guests so you don’t end up with loads of the same kind of thing.

Get creative with the location

Having a party at home can save money but if you only live in a small place you might not gave room for everyone. But you don’t need to splash out on a venue, consider having your get together at a local park or restaurant. You could have a picnic or enjoy dinner at a food establishment and decorate the table. This way you don’t need to worry about the cost of food and drinks too as people can each buy their own. If you want to throw an event at a venue, check out cheap or free locations like community centres and church halls.




Rebecca Berman is an on-camera lifestyle reporter, video producer and blogger based in the NYC metropolitan area. Her improvisational skills shine through via her many talents. After graduating from American University with a BA in Communications, Rebecca worked as a production assistant with numerous celebrities and movie producers on such projects as Cocktail, Arthur on the Rocks and Masquerade, to name just a few. Berman spent most of this period working at broadcast giants MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, where she produced elaborate events such as the VMAs, movie awards parties, VH1 Awards post-parties. She also worked behind the scenes planning launch parties for both MTV Asia and the first EMA show held in Berlin, Germany. After seven years in the entertainment business, Rebecca decided to take a pause and raise her family. She began a second career as a Real Estate agent, enabling her to stay at home and nurture her three children while working. Her temporary hiatus did not last long. As her kids grew older, she realized she wanted to follow her true passion; promoting things in life she loves. Utilizing her creative personality and production skills, Rebecca landed a job as a lifestyle reporter on the local weekly news show “The Local Live.” Her reporting covers a wide range of diverse topics, from local restaurants and bars to waste management and Veterans Affairs (in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Westchester). Rebecca is happily married, living with her husband and three children in Westchester, NY. Her ambition has driven her to construct some incredible projects that will surely continue to motivate and entertain many people of all ages.

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