Print Advertising Is Still Valuable for Small Businesses!

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Running a small business nowadays is no minor feat. Standing out from the crowd is essential, as you need to be seen to make sales and generate profits. But we are in a busy atmosphere – wherever you go or look, whether in real life or online, you’re being bombarded with advertisements. Now, many businesses are fully focussed on online advertising at the moment. But print advertising is still extremely valuable for small businesses! If you are going to engage with print advertising, however, you need to put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring you do it correctly. High quality print advertising really can see you experience success!


Before you invest in any form of print advertising, it’s extremely important that you consider design first and foremost. Now, if you have a natural flair for design, you should be fine. You can conduct market research into different color schemes, font types, and other design factors that work best for your brand and then use specialist software to implement these factors into a design for your print material. However, if you’re not a natural designer, or if you don’t have the correct software and materials to complete design work to a high standard, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional designer. They’ll be able to ensure that your final product looks great.


All print advertising needs to be printed. Now, if you have a tight budget, you may be able to print small pieces of print advertising yourself – A4 posters and leaflets for example. However, this is ill-advised and should only be used as a last resort solution. The majority of us don’t have professional quality printers – we tend to just have home and office printers. Wherever you may be, it’s highly likely that there will be a professional printers studio nearby. Collaborate with the people who have the expertise and specialist equipment to give your print advertising the quality it deserves. Remember – this is an entirely visual form of advertising. You need it to look appealing. It reflects your brand!


So, let’s take a moment to look at some different forms of print promo. Banners are a great place to start when it comes to print advertising. Specialist advertiser banners can be placed almost anywhere you like – just make sure you have the relevant permissions and have paid for the relevant advertising space before hanging them out in public. You can drape them across a brick and mortar store window. You can use them to indicate where your brick and mortar store is (a form of signposting) if you are located off a main street. If you look at roller banners, you can pull these up and exhibitions and trade shows to let people passing your stand see a little more about your brand and what you do!

Posters and Leaflets

Posters and leaflets are relatively easily put together, but they can convey a whole lot of information in a very small space. People who claim that these means of advertising don’t work anymore are probably just going about things the wrong way. Posters need to have their size and intended placement considered when you are making them up. A huge poster in a small space is likely to go unread, while a small poster in a huge space will have similar effect. If you’re in doubt as to the best size for your poster, look at other posters in the area you’re planning to paste yours up. Do they look good? If so, mimic them. If not, make the changes you’d recommend yourself. The key to success with leaflets is clever placement. If you simply pile up leaflet and leave them on a counter somewhere, it’s highly unlikely that people will pick them up and read them of their own accord. Instead, you might want to hire promotional staff to distribute them in a place that your target demographic is known to frequent. This encourages people to take the leaflet and understand the message.


Billboards are essentially giant posters. You’ll see a lot of them around, but they are generally relatively pricey – especially in prime locations. This is perhaps an area you might want to delve into deeper when your business is expanding and experiencing more success!

Business Cards

Never underestimate the power of a business card. This is an essential advertising and marketing tool that many businesses neglect nowadays. You never know when you might bump into your next big client and when you do, you want them to be able to remember your brand, you, and how to get in touch. Don’t miss out on this potentially businesses changing opportunity if and when it does arise! Simply exchanging numbers, emails or social media addresses may seem like a cheap and equivalent alternative to business cards, but a physical and tangible card can put across your business – it’s an ad for you. Make sure your card reflect your business’ aesthetic and ensure that it has your company logo, company name, phone contact, email and business address on it too. Always keep your supply topped up!

Sure, print advertising might not be where you’re laying your focus right now. Online advertising can seem more prominent, as it’s a subject being thrown around a lot lately. But never underestimate or forget the importance and sheer value of print advertising in the modern day market. All the big names and major brands are still using it, so you should too!

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