Quick and Easy methods to train your dog

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A trained dog is a good dog, not only for you but also for your family, friends and even for himself. A trained dog will not only listen to you but also give you a good time while playing and getting pat from you. A trained pet will not be a source of a great time but also be an immense help in case of an emergency or accident. Training a dog can sometimes be a long and patient work, and dog training collars can be a great source of help. These collars are specially designed keeping in mind your needs, your dog’s size, age, breed and health, and above all your budget. These training collars are designed and developed by highly-trained and skilled experts and are totally dog-friendly and reliable. These will make your dog listen to you, have a good time and best of all, free movement because they will be leash-free hence no pulling or tugging. These collars will give your dog a quick and comfortable experience for training as they can run and walk around but will remain under your watch and you can ask them to do anything with one button. There will be no shouting, repetition and tension.

Following are some of the best training collars for every kind of dog, which will help you immensely in training your dog:

1.    Educator ET-300 Mini Electric Dog Training Collar

Et-300 educator collar is the most unique and versatile electric dog collar in the market. It is highly recommended by the dog owners due to its easy usage and reliability. It is incredibly light-weight with only 2.4 ounces. This light yet sturdy collar is best for dogs as small as 5 pounds with sensitive nature but is similarly impactful on larger dogs. With tone only modes and vibrations and 100-level medical grade static stimulation, you can set the vibration and tone as per temperament of your dog and its feature of lock and set will allow you to send the settings to your remote.

The ET-300 mini comes with the stopwatch-type transmitter which is easy to use so that you don’t have to take your eyes off from your dog during the training.

2.    Educator PE-900 Pro Electric Dog Training Collar

PE-900 Prop E-Collar is both useful for domestic as well as a working dog due to its wide range of latest features. This collar can train three dogs at one time; hence, the best choice for people with more than one dog. These pro collars are famous for continues wide pulse correction, nick stimulation, lock and set and last but not the least booster feature.

3.    Educator ET-800 “The Boss” Electric Dog Training Collar

ET-800 ‘The Boss’ collar is the most famous and customer-friendly collar and known as the definitive big dog training collar. Its name ‘The Boss’ is rightly given to it due to its range, up to 1 mile, with static correction for big dogs as heavy as 25 pounds is the ultimate choice for the dog owners and dog trainers. Due to its range, it is equally famous in both domestic and working dog trainers.

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