Reframing Your Thoughts: 5 Questions an Astrologer Cannot Answer for You

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Psychics, astrologers, and other experts in this line who use different divination tools can give you a lot of clues and direction when you’re trying to deal with the challenges that life brings.

But to help these talented fellows guide us, we need to know the questions to ask— not the types, but how to. There are some questions that your astrologer will not have answers to because of how you phrase them (and the response you expect).

You must master the art of choosing your words carefully to avoid asking you your astrologer the wrong questions. That way, you’ll often get a reading that can head you in the right direction. These are five questions you should never ask.


  • Your Astrologer has no answer to “Tell me something about me that I don’t Know.”


Hell no! If your doctor can’t guess what’s ailing you then your astrologers can’t guess such details like a psychic would sometimes do— these professionals, are can even read your dreams for you. Astrologers, on the other hand, read the energy from the planets to help you make the most of your happiest moments and most significant successes.

Asking the right Q

Tell your reader to explain something that occurred to you in your past, to help you realize its meaning, and let it rest. Counsellors have advised you to ‘let it go,’ but you just won’t, because it was part of you and you cannot let go, so you just let it rest. Though you still remember it; the effects of this memory do not take a toll on your well-being like before.

Astrologers know how to study planetary movement and explain aspects of your personality that may have affected your past, to help you improve your tomorrow.

Don’t ask the professional to predict an unknown event, explain what happened and let your advisor help you understand it.


  • Hey “Is there a way I can get back My Ex?”


First, astrologers don’t do spell work (except when reading planetary transits. And even if they could, they wouldn’t. Their sole purpose is to read birth charts and planets.

And because they’d wish to do this to all without manipulating others by taking away their free will just to make others happy. And will the other party really be happy knowing they had to charm someone to stay? How often will you need to renew the spell? There are more weird questions that could come out of this. And if you’ve been thinking about it, then your astrologer or psychic should pause to offer some counselling.

How to phrase your question

Just ask your astrologer what love has for you in the future. This allows the professional to check what love has in store for you, and gets you ready to find love without spells and holding on to the past.


  • Your Astrologer doesn’t know the answer to “Will I be Happy or When?”


Remember, the elements can only influence us, but they can’t control us. You are always responsible for your joy. You can choose to rejoice or be dull. If you look forward to positive things and keep good company, you’ll be happy. Fixing your mind to the tough situation, and being with those who pull you down will only make you miserable.

How to phrase your question

Inquire if there are aspects you can focus on to bring more joy to your life. Question if the astrologer can read any transits so that you can make the most of the energies they come with. Professionals can lead you through the different transit periods, so that you are forewarned of approaching challenges and know when positive energy is optimum. With that data, you can make always make very informed choices.

Also, don’t be petrified of challenging seasons. Most times, you drop what’s pulling you back during tough times so that doors can open and you finally be happy when the transit is over.


  • Keep off “Will I… or Am I…”


The same applies to Qs that begin with “will she” or “will he?” Your free will gives you the power to decide your fate. The elements and planets only have the power to influence but not to control us. Astrologers know that nothing’s written in stone. So, the common answer to such queries is “I don’t know, will he?!” (for example; if a lady is asking about a dude man) because only he can make that move if he pleases.

How to phrase your question

To get the answer, you are seeking; ask “what are the possibilities of …based on the reading?” This prompts the astrologer to tell you your chances. From that, you can decide what to do.


  • Don’t ask “What are the Lucky Numbers?”


Astrologers don’t have the answer to this. If only this were feasible, then we’d all have the key to life.  

What to ask

Question about the forthcoming lucky times, or if they can read any financial gains in the chart. Astrologers use the 5th and 2nd houses to check for signs of increased profits or income.  But they can only determine whether you in luck or not and not predict the winning lotto digits.

In a nutshell

Before visiting an astrologer, make a list of the things you need to know. Remember, an astrologer or psychic can assist you with insight into a lot of things but performing miracles isn’t part of their specialities. Don’t make them responsible for your life; only let them do their job in your life— to read signs and advise you. Everything else you decide from the response should be mulled over. You remain accountable for all the decisions you make from the moment you leave the room. Focus on asking questions the right way, but remember not to drop any of the questions from this list. Lastly, don’t be too hard on you, if you make a mistake, pardon yourself and rephrase the question. Your psychic will understand that you are smart and know what you want.

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