Should You Become A Blogger?

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Reading this, you are probably the sort of person who enjoys finding content from the deepest corners of the Internet to read, enjoy and share. There might be a burning desire inside of you to have a go at blogging yourself, but you’re worried that you’ll be writing your deepest and most heartfelt thoughts only for no one to be reading your prose. If you’re keen on writing and love the idea of sharing your ideas with people all over the globe, then there’s nothing to lose in starting a blog. However, don’t expect a massive following overnight.

Find A Niche

To develop a following online you really need to find a niche that very few people are talking about. There are millions of blogs regaling their readership about the latest fashion trends of the season, the easiest way to start a business and the most effective ways to get rich quick without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you can write about something a little more specific, those people who are scouring the Internet for advice and meaningful content are more likely to stumble across your blog. So if you’re into vintage typewriters, dystopian poetry or world circus troupes, get writing about them.

Be Aesthetically Pleasing

Your website can’t look like a Geocities page of old. You need your site to be dynamic, inviting and still emulate a brand. Use a subtle yet cool color scheme. Keep it slick and simple and elegant. Sites that are too busy lose their message. If in doubt, and you don’t fancy using a drag and drop website builder, think about heading to a website design professional who will have a wealth of in depth knowledge about how to get you noticed online. Their SEO skills will help your blog appear higher in the Google search results and your online presence will be enhanced no end.

Make sure you embed videos, link to your social media channels and utilize every aspect of the Internet that you can to get your blog out there.


If you are starting a blog, the chances are there are a few bloggers out there who you aspire to be like. These bloggers have probably been writing for years, and have a loyal readership that you have very little chance of breaking into. However, you have to remember that these bloggers will have been in your shoes at one point. To combat this lack of readers, you need to blog every couple of days so that the content you write builds up online. Share your content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and don’t be disheartened if your analytics suggests you have no hits to your site, and you have no people commenting on your posts.

Blogging successfully does require effort and a willingness to write about a niche. However, if you’re keen to get your voice out there, and you don’t mind putting in the hard graft, the Internet realm could be a better place with you in it.


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