Simple, Effective Strategies For Managing Pain

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Pain can have an incredibly negative impact on your quality of life. Whether you’re recovering from a recent injury, or you’ve been struggling for a while, there are ways to manage pain and increase comfort. If you’re finding life tough, or you’re keen to explore new remedies, here are some simple and effective strategies to try.

Breathing techniques and relaxation

Pain can affect your breathing, and it’s useful to be able to employ techniques, which regulate breathing and help you to feel more relaxed. If you find that your breaths become shallower and your pulse increases when pain intensifies, try and take deeper breaths, relax, and slow your breathing right down. Focus on inhaling and then exhaling. If you find that you’re prone to bouts of more severe pain, it can be helpful to rely on relaxation techniques when you sense that your breathing is becoming shallow or rapid. Some people benefit from meditation, while others find that listening to music or taking a break in the fresh air helps.


CBD has become increasingly commonplace in the last few years. This compound, which is derived from the cannabis plant, provides pain relief benefits without giving the high that is associated with smoking or ingesting cannabis recreationally. This is due to the absence of THC. CBD oils and tinctures can help to alleviate muscle pain, and many people also believe that they help with anxiety. For more information, you can read about different ways to use CBD and find out more about extracts experts like Daniel Fung online or consult your doctor. It’s always wise to do some research before trying CBD for the first time and to discuss your symptoms with your doctor if they get worse. 

If you are buying CBD products, always use a reputable provider. Oklahoma City’s best dispensary will only stock and sell the finest CBD products. This is important to remember because CBD products come from various brands and some of these brands have not been approved by the different government agencies, such as the FDA. When using a CBD product, it is important to use a product that has been screened for your safety. As tempting as it might be to choose a product that is cheaper, it might have additional chemicals and toxins which could cause a lot of damage to your health. If you are taking CBD products for your health, then choose a brand that will be good for it.

Gentle exercise

Pain can put pay to intense physical activity, but often, being active can help to alleviate aches and stiffness. Ask your doctor about exercise before you start training or taking up regular activity. You may find that low-intensity activities like walking and swimming make you feel better. Swimming can be particularly beneficial because the water supports your body weight.

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Adopt a sleep routine

Many people who struggle with pain dread going to bed because they’re worried about lying awake in the small hours in agony. If you have trouble sleeping as a result of pain, try and get into a routine that will encourage your body clock to adjust to a set regime. This should make it easier to get to sleep and enable you to get enough rest. If you get used to going to bed at 11pm every night, for example, you should find that you start to feel tired as this hour of the day approaches. A lack of sleep can affect your mood and your energy levels, but sleep deprivation can also increase the severity of chronic pain.

Do you suffer from chronic back pain, or are you struggling in the aftermath of an injury or an accident? Pain can affect almost every element of day to day life, but there are ways of reducing the intensity of pain and enhancing comfort and wellbeing. Hopefully, these strategies will make a positive difference.

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