Staying In Touch With Geopolitics

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Geopolitics, much like history, is a fascinating topic to keep up on. Not only can it help you think in terms of the bigger picture, but it can also sometimes inform you as to where culture is being generated from, why age-old ideas have persisted, and how certain things you have taken for granted in life were shaped (or are being reinvented) as a result of this progress. Geopolitics may just seem like a bunch of shadow figures in suits making all of the decisions, but in reality, it’s a massively complex web of intrigue, political tensions, compromises and efforts in diplomacy.

To that reason, it can be worth getting a relatively updated idea of what’s going on (to the extent that you can,) and remain updated with the news. This way you can have a functional working idea of the major players shaping the world we live on. In some respects, this can also help you decide the choices you may make in the everyday, how you direct your career, or how that general life experience that we all use can become matured and textured over time.

To achieve this, we’d recommend:

Following YouTube Channels

Many interesting, bite size geopolitics reports can now be found on YouTube. Large news media channels and independent content creators alike are now sharing space on the platform, offering their own view on international politics from a range of voices. For example, Vice News offers fantastic war reporting, while independent creators such as The Caspian Report make it an effort to distill the current situation of a country and boil it down to the constituent elements. YouTube channels are free to watch, and with a range of sources, even biased channels can be counterweighted with the opposite viewpoint. Be sure to give both left-wing, right-wing and centrist viewpoints a listen, because then you get the most textured analysis, no matter your political leaning.

Read Histories

So much of the current geopolitical situations are those that have led on from factors in the past. If you wish to take a real interest in this, inhaling histories can be a fantastic idea. Understand how Russia has developed since Putin’s inception, understanding the framework behind culture and migratory trends, and learning how history can sometimes repeat itself may give a more varied understanding of the predicaments and resolutions that bubble to the surface today.

Use Trustworthy News Sources

Trustworthy news can help you not only understand fair and balanced reasoning outside of the main publications, but it can also help you get a more targeted concentration of news outside of the ‘summarizing’ and ‘clickbait’ tendencies that many news sites can suffer from. For example, viewing news from Israel could help you understand about both the country’s cultural developments. If you feel you completely understand an issue, that’s where you should begin to see other sources, and try to question your viewpoint as much as possible. This way you can become a strong, rational thinker.

With this advice, we hope you can inform yourself as well as possible.

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