Stopping Discontent From Growing Among Employees

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It’s sad to see and to say, but many companies unfortunately don’t appreciate their employees enough until it’s too late. Don’t you think it’s strange that businesses try to work on improving loyalty from the employee, but we don’t cover how a business can be loyal to the employee? It’s a dark and dangerous world for many because they fear the inmates running the asylum outcome. However, this is simply a false fear which doesn’t make sense. You ultimately hold the cards, it’s your business and you can run it how you like. So showing loyalty to your employees is not going to relinquish any of your power. In fact, it will strengthen it because your workers will know upfront that respect and loyalty work both ways. When it’s a two-way street, it’s an equal opportunity zone. Discontent occurs in the individual for a plethora of reasons but here’s how you can stop it from spreading.

Share the hat

Like any normal business structure, there has to be hierarchy. You have your most skilled and dedicated employees as middle and senior management. They will be taking on the bulk of the leadership roles, such as project leader, team leaders and head of departments. This is a satisfying position to be in, but for the lower ranked employees they would also like to have more of an input and impact in a project. So, every now and then you should share a little bit of the leadership hat and put it onto someone who you think deserves to show if they have greater qualities than their role suggests. Don’t go too far, just allow someone who has shown great potential to be a team leader or project manager who answers to the project leader.

Reward outside of work

Work for many people just has to end at 5. They want to go home, they don’t want to worry about deadlines, they just want to switch off and live their personal life. However, you can link personal and work life together but do it in a fun way. For example, when you use Surprise HR you give a gift to an employee which they access online. First they get an email with a short message, then they click on the link inside. This will transport them to a box of gifts which they click on and eventually they will be given a gift they can use personally. For example if you have an employee called Kate, you can give her a gift such as a day-trip to a city she’s always wanted to visit. The gift is specific for her, which is a brilliant way to surprise a worker but also remind them that you see them as an individual.

Focus on employee culture and teamwork

Rewards are one side of the coin when it comes to helping employees to feel part of a team. Working to improve the corporate culture inside the office walls is just as important as rewarding them. If an employee feels part of a team, this imbues them with a purpose and overarching goal. We can implement little things that serve as reminders for each member of staff, such as a name badge or a pat on the back when they’ve done something that raises the perception of the company in one way or another. If the culture and a feeling of togetherness aren’t there, workers can feel aimless and wonder why they are working for you in the first place. 

Acknowledge tough circumstances

Having to stay late for work over and over builds up a quite animosity. Not acknowledging it is the opposite if what you should do. Speak to employees that are staying late and explain to them why they’re working overtime. Show them that you do care about them and thank them for their sacrifice for being away from home.

Discontent can start off as an ember but it can slowly breathe into life as a forest fire. Before this happens, you need to praise and reward your employees as well as sharing the seat of power for team leader and project leader roles.

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