The Beauty of Barcelona

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Brimming with art and historic beauty, Barcelona attracts tourists and photographers from around the world. You’ll have to see for yourself how special this city is; from the Gothic Quarter to the amazing landmarks of Antoni Gaudí, you’re in for a unique and special experience when you come to Barcelona. With so many places to see, planning a trip can become a bit overwhelming; to help you out, here are some of Barcelona’s top sites you won’t want to miss.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

By far the most recognizable landmark of Barcelona, it’s impossible to visit the city without touring this impressive church. Designed by Antoni Gaudí, the church features the artist’s distinct surrealist style, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to Gaudí’s preference to not plan in advance, the church was never actually finished, but even in its incomplete state the beauty and grandeur of the building is undeniable. Consider looking for local photographer prices in Barcelona so you can have a professional help you include the basilica in your vacation photo shoot.

La Pedrera

Another one of Gaudí’s landmarks in the city, La Pedrera or Casa Mila is an elegant and fantastical edifice. “La Pedrera” translates to “the stone quarry,” and the style of the building is meant to reflect what an open quarry might look like in artistic style. The curved stone façade is worth including in your photographs, as well as the decorated chimneys which can be best viewed from the rooftop terrace. The terrace is also a great place to have some spectacular views out over the rest of Barcelona and other landmarks of the city.

La Rambla

The social heart of Barcelona, La Rambla is a street running down the middle of the Old Town. With excellent pedestrian walkways and numerous local shops, restaurants, and cafés, it’s practically mandatory for every tourist in Barcelona to come to La Rambla. Particularly in the evening the place comes alive with locals as well as tourists out to enjoy the night and street performers entertaining people with fun acts and demonstrations from magic tricks to live music. Make sure you visit the Fountain of the Three Graces, which was designed by Antoni Gaudí and is surrounded by excellent restaurants and shopping options.

Gothic Quarter

Step back in time by walking through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. There are numerous historic landmarks and medieval buildings that give the area a truly special atmosphere. You can still see the remains of buildings dating back to the time of the Roman Empire, while most of the buildings come from the Middle Ages. For photographers in Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter is a great place for photographs. The courtyards, elegant facades, and narrow streets make for a great background for a photo shoot that also captures an important part of the culture and history of Barcelona.

For your next vacation, consider looking for a local photographer from Localgrapher. Especially if you’re traveling to a place like Barcelona with so much art and character, having a local by your side to take photos and give you suggestions is a valuable addition to your travel experience. You’re certain to have memories that will last a lifetime, and if you have a professional photographer, you’ll also have a set of excellent photos to accompany those experiences.  


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