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The Best Bomber Jackets for Men

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A bomber jacket is a piece of clothing out of fashion, which must be in the wardrobe of every man who wants to look stylish. This is a classic jacket that can look different and be suitable for different events. It is both fashionable and universal. The same things can be said about a bomber jacket by Choiss,which stands out among the other brands.

In the fifties, bomber jackets became available to the broad public, and after the release of the movies A Streetcar Named Desire and Rebel Without a Cause, the charismatic antiheroes of which wore jackets with a zipper and without a collar, the bomber jackets turned into the embodiment of protest and became an integral part of the male wardrobe.

How to Wear Bomber Jackets?

It is easy to wear bomber jackets since even elegant ones are quite comfortable and look great with denim so that a bomber jacket can easily move from business to casual style. When choosing a bomber jacket, first of all, pay attention to its proportions: oversized bomber jackets with loose sleeves and wide shoulders should be better combined with ripped jeans and sweatshirts to achieve a relaxed oversize effect. Elegant light bomber jackets will look great with silk shirts, cashmere sweaters, and business-style trousers. At the same time, bright bomber jackets are best combined with things of neutral shades.

What Are the Greatest Bomber Jackets for Guys?

Today you can wear a bomber jacket in different ways. But first, you need to decide on what kind of jacket you will wear. You can choose a black leather bomber jacket or a brown suede bomber jacket but remember that the whole image will depend on its type.

· Lacoste Wool Bomber Jacket

Old-school clothes have gained popularity nowadays, and this bomber jacket is a great combination of old and new trends. This interesting checkered bomber jacket will become a perfect replacement for an ordinary blazer and will fit in both casual and more formal styles.

· Dolce & Gabbana Full-Grain Leather Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket made of genuine leather has already become a classic option. You can wear it either with dark-colored jeans or suit trousers, and it’ll still look perfect. This bomber jacket is made of top-quality full-grain leather and has several zipper pockets. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear it in all weather conditions.

· Gucci Reversible Webbing-Trimmed Satin-Twill Bomber Jacket

If you are looking for something unusual and even extravagant, try this amazing old-school-inspired bomber jacket. This is an Italian bomber jacket made from Japanese fabric. It can become the main emphasis of the whole image, and you will hardly go unnoticed in that bomber jacket.

· Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Bomber Jacket

This elegant bomber jacket is surely out of time, and its simple design allows to wear it many years. It’s made of high-quality lightweight suede, and its natural fabric suggests wearing it in different seasons. And thanks to the pockets with snappers, you can take a purse, keys or ph

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