The Best Social Media Challenges Ever

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The internet is now awash with new viral trends which ultimately bring people together to partake in the joyful “challenges”. Over the years there have been trends that raise awareness for a good cause, others that are just for fun and from the 30-day facebook challenge to posting a make-up free selfie, there are many more which have swept the internet. Check out this list of the top social media challenges:


You could say that Planking started it all when it filled Facebook feeds everywhere from 2010-2011. It originated in 2008 in Australia when some friends decided to create a Facebook page to share photos of the best planking photos and them Planking in the oddest of places. Since then, Planking has spawned multiple different variations, including Gallon Smashing, Owling, and Tebowing.


This is the act of kneeling on one knee and placing your elbow on your knee and your fist against your forehead. After the Denver Broncos beat the Miami Dolphins during the 2011 NFL season, quarterback Tim Tebow dropped to one knee and did the pose. Jared Klienstein posted a photo later that night doing the pose and then created a Tumblr blog dedicated to sharing pictures of people Tebow-ing.

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake trend was started by Youtube user DizastaMusic and is a 30-second video that starts with one person in a mask or with a helmet on, dancing to the beginning of “Harlem Shake” by surrounded by people not paying attention, at 15 seconds, at the bass drop, the video jump cuts to the entire crowd dancing wildly usually using props and costumes. Others began replicating the original video and uploading their own.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Initially a fundraising campaign, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge quickly transformed into one of the most significant viral sensations ever. Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates all joined in, and the rest of the world and Facebook pretty much followed, nominating people to take it on.

The Cinnamon Challenge

A viral food challenge that involved people recording themselves, eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. The craze was met with scrutiny due to health risks of the mouth and throat from swallowing cinnamon and has been done by various athletes and celebrities.

The Running Man

Another popular dance, the “Running Man,” was reinvented thanks to University of Maryland basketball players posting videos of themselves doing the new “Running Man” dance. It quickly spread throughout the NCAA, as other basketball programs joined in, followed by the Cal Football Bears and Arizona Wildcats baseball team until the challenge went viral on Instagram and Twitter and eventually reached The Ellen Show.

The Mannequin Challenge

This one is when people remain frozen like mannequins while a song, plays in the background. Originated in Florida when a student decided to stand completely still at the front of the class, and other students joined in, the Mannequin Challenge soon went viral as celebrities, sports teams, activists, and even politicians joined in on the action, using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge on Twitter and Instagram.

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