The Best Things to Do in America’s Most Popular National Parks

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You’ve seen their landscapes proudly presented on America’s postcards, and you’ve seen them on many a desktop wallpaper, as well as every living person’s bucket list. We all dream of soaking in the vistas at the Grand Canyon, hiking across Alaska’s wilderness trails, and dipping our toes at the Hot Springs National Park. The entire network of national parks across this vast land is a true treasure trove of invaluable natural wealth, unique wildlife, awe-inspiring formations, and the most versatile vegetation imaginable.

All of this makes national parks the ideal escape choice for travelers from all walks of life. Here are several of the most memorable ways you can spend your time exploring these gems of nature, so make sure to enrich your itinerary with these options. You’re in for a few life-altering experiences!

Pure and untamed in Alaska

One of the last places on the continent where you can experience Mother Nature with no human interference, only symbiosis, with no roads or trails to take you into its vast valleys, with only available access by plane or on foot. Gates of the Arctic is a national treasure, not just a national park. Located in the north of Alaska in the Brooks Range, it’s over eight million acres of meandering untamed rivers, intact forests, glaciers, and the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis.

Even though there are no designated camp sites or trails, the region is well-mapped, so you can access directions as to which areas are safe to explore on the hike of your life. This is for nature lovers eager to finally get away from the urban rush and experience wilderness in its purest state: by being one with nature.

 Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, USA

Two billion years of beauty in Arizona

A region that best represents our awe of natural wonders, the famous Grand Canyon is millions of years in the making, and will forever take our breath away. A testament to nature’s tenacity, this park consists of a vast spectrum of fiery hues, and exposes almost two billion years of our planet’s geological becoming. No matter if you explore it on foot or on a mule, the gripping vistas span as far as the eye can see.

However, this wonder of the world deserves to be seen from a bird’s-eye view, so you can take one of many mesmerizing Grand Canyon helicopter tours for a thrill of a lifetime and a unique vantage point of this entire natural work of art. You can fly over the renowned South Rim for a glimpse at its dramatic sun-kissed cliffs, or the West Rim’s river-filled creases and copper-colored ridges. There’s no such thing as a wrong way to fly over the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon, USA

An off-shore escape in California

Who knew that such a hectic corner of the US could hide such a cacophony of natural species just a short trip away from its main shore? Channel Islands National Park boasts five out of eight little slices of paradise, and it’s home to plant and animal life found nowhere else on our humble planet. This is perhaps one of the best ways to sneak a peek into the past of this coastal country before humans came along.

Due to its verdant allure and underwater diversity, both the shore and the marine life make it a worthy stop for any nature enthusiast. The best possible ways to experience this park is to organize a diving adventure, go whale watching, and of course, birdwatching for the most passionate among you. The on-shore and underwater ecosystems of the islands are both equally intriguing, making them a perfect way to blend the best of both worlds in a single trip.

Channel Islands National Park, USA

Galloping across the tundra in Colorado

Truth be told, the hundreds of acres at your disposal in Rocky Mountain National Park are not limited to tundra alone, as you’ll find the region teeming with forests and lakes nestled in their emerald bosom, cascading waterfalls, and snow-capped mountain peaks. Expanses of pure green are as inviting as they can possibly be, and while the park offers those classic, timeless experiences such as camping, hiking, or simply going for a picnic, there’s one particular manner in which you should explore this park.

Thanks to their local generous stables such as Glacier Creek Stables and Moraine Park Stables, you can see and enjoy the never-ending allure of the park on horseback! Of course, the many rivers also provide ample opportunity for rafting and kayaking, and the alpine riches make it a perfect spot for mountain climbing. However, the sheer joy of riding a horse across the vast wilderness of the region is indeed a unique endeavor worthy of your bucket-list.

Rocky Mountain National Park, USA

Parting words

The go-to activities such as fishing, boat rides, trekking, and wildlife-spotting are all some of the most coveted to this very day, no matter who the park visitors may be. However, these enchanting regions have evolved into something truly spectacular, providing you with more than your typical manners in which to explore them. Add these less conventional, adventurous ways to see America’s finest national parks, and you’ll soon have a separate bucket list just for all of their majestic allure.


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