Tips To Setup A Themed Viking Event In Your Town

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Viking-themed events are on the surge, with the popularity of television shows such as Game of Thrones. The world of Vikings is no longer just buried as part of history, but it is now slowly coming back to the present as well. In your local town, a Viking-themed event is an excellent way for everyone to come together, to get to know each other, socialize, have fun, come in themed costumes like dragons and the Fenrir wolf, and enjoy food and games!

If you are interested in the same, here are tips and tricks on how you can set up this Viking event:

  1. File the proper permits and licenses with the local authority.

The very first thing for you to remember is not to start up any event, big or small, without the proper permits from the authority. Always ask permission first from the local government involved. Doing so is even more important, especially if you will be using public areas, or closing down a public street for the event. When you file your permits and licenses for the event, you might even have some form of support from the local authorities, which can also lighten up your heavy workload.

  1. Call for a meeting with the other residents.

When you are sure that the event can finally push through, now is the time for you to call a meeting with all the other residents in the locality. No man is an island, and you shouldn’t attempt to organize the event all by yourself. The more hands you have to help you out, the lesser the risks of falling into the pitfalls of failed event planning. Do schedule a meeting with all the other residents in the locality, so that they are aware of the upcoming Viking event.

You can lay down the following matters in the table:

  • Setting a budget
  • Dividing the assignments into groups, for those who are willing to participate
  • Setting a final time, date, and venue
  • Deciding on the activities that will be included in the event such as a concert, an outdoor movie screen, or games
  • Asking for other comments and suggestions to make the event more successful

When setting up a local event, if you are planning to have meals included, it is a better suggestion for you to ask each family member who intends on going to bring a dish to share. When you do this, the burden of preparing meals for a huge crowd is lessened and shared among all residents. Plus, you can go creative on the snacks too! To keep children happy, if there are talented bakers in your local town, you can ask them to create Viking-themed cookies, goodies, and other delicious munchies.

  1. Work with your smaller grouping assignments.

After the meeting, you will already have a group to belong to. Now is the time for you to focus on the local group that you belong to, but also not to forget to follow up and regularly check on the other groups as to how they are doing as well. Be sure that you are working on a group assignment that is your strength so that it becomes less of a chore for you to achieve your tasks, and you will, instead, enjoy doing them.

  1. Send invites to everyone in your town!

When the success of the event is nearing, and when you have already agreed to all the other details, you can now design and write invitations, to have them sent out to everyone in your town. To be more eco-friendly and to lessen the costs, you can choose to send e-invites instead and to hang posters of the Viking event in conspicuous and crowded areas of the locality.

Because you no longer have to print individual and small invitations, you can go all out with the Viking designs! From sword-like posters to Viking characters, you can let your creativity flow.

  1. Ask the residents to come in Viking attire.

Especially for families with children, you can encourage all of them to come in Viking outfits for the event. It will be even more fun to see everyone all dressed up in his or her own interpretation of Vikings, or even copying their favorite Viking characters. Wouldn’t it be cute to see little children dressed as dragons, too? These Viking costumes can also serve as conversation starters with new families.

To highly encourage more families to cooperate and come in their attire, you can also hold a contest for adults, teenagers, and children, as to the best Viking costume.

  1. Be prepared for any emergencies.

Lastly, when you’ve already accomplished the nitty-gritty details, you should also be prepared for whatever emergency or contingency that may arise. For example, do remember that weather forecasts are not always accurate. Hence, be ready for any sudden changes in the weather, so it is best for you to ask the physical setup team to have tents set aside in case of rain. Also, do remember to tap local medics to have a medical team prepared, as well as a fire truck and an ambulance in the event of an emergency.


Whether you are young or old, a Viking-themed party is always an exciting thing. Everyone loves to celebrate, and what better way to get along, and to get to know the other residents in your locality, but through a themed party. With these tips in mind, now you can get all those creative juices started up, and think about inviting everyone in town to a Viking-themed event!


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