Top Qualities Women Seek in a Man

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In today’s hookup culture, many still want good old-fashioned monogamous relationships. So, guys – if you’re thinking all you’ve got to do to attract the right woman is flash those pearly whites, that a lifetime of faithful trips to the dentist have earned you, you’re sadly mistaken. This is certainly no knock against amazing dental practitioners like Dr. John Koutsoyiannis. After all, what woman doesn’t like a guy with a great smile, right?

However, the fact so many women still seek traditional relationships puts a premium on self-improvement. It means there are areas you must continually work on if you want women to see you as a good catch. What are those areas? Glad you asked! Here are four qualities women across all backgrounds say they seek in a potential mate.

Honest communication. Transparency is a big thing in relationships. Namely, that’s because everyone wants something real in their lives. Or put another way, no one wants to be in a position where they’re constantly forced to decipher the true intent of your words and actions.

On the other hand, women want someone who says what he means and means what he says. Honesty goes a long way toward minimizing surprises. Furthermore, many women find comfort in honest and open communication because it helps them feel safe.

Confident in himself. How many times have you heard some woman in your life describe a man’s confidence as attractive or sexy? Or have you ever overheard some woman in your life describe a man’s confidence as attractive or sexy? Scientists believe that 80,000 years of human evolution have taught women to look for confident men.

In prehistoric times confidence would have been associated with successful hunts. Successful hunters are better family providers. And while most of us have never had to hunt prey for food, the underlying concept hasn’t changed. Confident men attract more career advancement opportunities. Hence, the guy with the go-getter attitude usually excels at providing.

Responsible partner. They may not say it, but women value someone who can take care of himself. So, whether it’s remembering to make schedule the little one’s dental appointment when your woman is under the weather or handling the bills, women dig men who prove themselves to be responsible. It lets them know, when crap hits the fan they can depend on you to get things done.

Great listener. Everyone loves a good listener. However, women especially enjoy the company of good listeners. In fact, the University of Melbourne researchers recently completed a study that backs up this claim. But what’s interesting is the research subjects were moths. In the study, female moths chose partners by releasing a nearly undetectable amount of pheromones.

The females only chose the males whose antennae were sensitive enough to detect the chemical. Hence, many social scientists view listening as another throwback to evolution. Essentially, males that listen to their female partners tend to 1) be more adept at tending to her needs and 2) pass the ‘listening trait’ to their children.

Emotional stability. While society equates masculine strength with physical prowess, surveys show that women like emotionally strong men. Women want a man who navigates life’s ups and downs poise. Likewise, a woman wants a man who can cope with her frustrations without tucking tail and running.

Emotionally stable men possess a major advantage over their less stable counterparts. Of course, at the center of this trait is ‘balance’. If you can learn to ground yourself, you can train yourself to become more emotionally stable.

These are some of the areas that women look at when considering a mate. While not all-inclusive, these four items rank high in the minds of women. Master these four areas and watch your love life take off.


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