Vancouver for Design Lovers: Your Complete Guide

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Every year and season we are introduced to new color pallets and decorating items that are the latest must-haves.  In a city like Vancouver, styles evolve quickly. It makes sense to adopt a neutral style that can be rapidly changed with accessories depending on the season.  Whether you are looking for a new statement piece to change the look of your room, or you are going all out this guide will help you begin your decorating journey.


The first step in your design makeover is deciding what your theme will be.   Are you a minimalist or do you love bold colors and patterns?  Spend some time choosing to look for inspiration before you begin to piece it together.  Check out some of these Vancouver homes for sale for some style ideas.  Put together a Pinterest board to organize all your thoughts before you get started.  You can find inspiration anywhere, color in your office, at your favorite store, even a piece of clothing can be all you need to get started.


One cool trend that we are seeing is functional furniture.  With rising home costs and consideration to environmental impact, more people are choosing smaller spaces.  This makes furniture choices critical to maximize space.  Many chose small tables that can enlarge if needed.  Beds that have storage drawer’s underneath are excellent space saving options. Anything that can quickly scale for guests or saves space is a great option.


There is definitely a wave or organic, natural feeling pieces.  Blonde woods and brushed metal detailing are popular choices. These are very neutral items that can lend themselves to almost any color scheme.  Consider adding some “green” elements. If you are spending money to remodel, you might invest in an air purifier to give the room a more comfortable feel.  Source recycled materials to give your room functionality and story.


Paying particular attention to your lighting fixtures can transform your room’s look and feel. Light affects the room’s mood and is an essential detail in your decorating plans.  There are so many different styles of lighting and lamps to choose from don’t be afraid to make a bold decision or to let your central lighting fixture be the statement piece of your room.  It can be quite a dramatic effect on the overall ambiance.


Decorating your home doesn’t have to be stressful.  It is fun to let your own personal style shine through.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the whole project, so don’t!  Break it up into smaller more manageable pieces. For instance, think of each room individually.  Imagine the space and then begin. If you are having trouble with where to start, pick one piece to work with.  It can be a larger statement piece or even just a decorative pillow that you love. Use this item to build your idea around.  Pinterest is a great resource to help keep your thoughts and ideas organized.

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