What Can We Learn from the Sleep Habits of the Rich and Famous?

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Whether or not you subscribe to Hollywood celebrities as genuine, informed spokespeople (why does Oprah’s weight fluctuate so much if she is so involved with Weight Watchers?), the truth is that they can afford a treatment that the average person cannot. The rich and famous also have the money to experiment with different doctors, technology and programs on our behalf. For example: Even if you know you are a side sleeper, do you have the money or the time to personally vet a mattress for side sleepers? Probably not. As this article explains, side sleepers face more hazards that back sleepers, particularly with hip and shoulder pain, so making the time to do your research is imperative.

This is what celebrities are good for. They test all this stuff for us! Let’s take a look at some of the best sleep habits of the beautiful people and see if we can glean any good advice from them.

Leonardo da Vinci

The original Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci made it a point to take a 20 minute nap every four hours. This is known as a “polyphasic” sleep routine. You may not be able to keep this schedule on a daily basis if you work the traditional 9 to 5 job. Doctors recommend the best alternative is to take a short exercise break along the same schedule. Some governments even mandate that companies give this break to employees.


Think what you will of his lyrics, but Eminem’s genius has been praised to the skies by other great songwriters, including Bono of U2, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. The traveling musician spends an inordinate amount of time on the road and in hotels. To help with sleep, he turns on white noise and lines tinfoil along the windows. This unorthodox method seemingly helps with jet lag as well.

Charles Dickens

Dickens was actually purported to be an insomniac. He took a compass to bed every night, as he believed that he needed to face north when sleeping. Although there is no proof that facing north helps with creativity, he may have been blindly hitting out at an idea that scientists are now studying – the effect of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields on the creativity of the brain.

The media mogul is known as the “Queen of Quality Sleep” in the industry because of the great pains she takes in order to protect her sleep. Her bedroom is a fully customized Palace of Slumber complete with a canopy and blackout curtains. She also meticulously follows the advice of sleep specialists to turn off all electronics and take a night bath to wind down. Her baths have expensive lavender oil and Epsom salts featured.

Mariah Carey

This incredibly soulful singer is also one of the most extreme sleepers in the world. Before an important gig (and sometimes for no reason at all), Mariah will sleep for 15 hours a night leading up to the performance. She places 20 humidifiers in and around her bedroom to moisturize her throat and keep her asleep. This may be overboard, but a humidifier might be a great idea for some throat problems. Ask your doctor.

The celebrities above may have any resource they want anytime they want, but their solutions are surprisingly accessible. Take the time to discover your own routine using the best practices above as a skeleton for ideas and a launch pad for inspiration. Your sleep habits make all the difference in your waking habits, so invest the time and energy to get it right!

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