What you need on your child’s back’s to school list

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Back to school

As the holidays draw to a close, the reality of a busy academic year becomes looms large. The last thing your child needs is to be starting back at school without some of the most important items for a successful year. Check out our list below in what you’ll need for your child going back to school.


With most studying done using a computer these days, picking up a laptop is essential for any back to school order. Whether it be the functionality of their desktops or the compact ability of their laptops, Dell computers are the ideal computer for anything school related. Don’t break the bank with other brands, and select from Dell’s huge range of models in every shape and size. Dell computers offer an advanced and affordable service, with great storage, RAM and HD graphics in a compact and robust model. The Dell Latitude 7490 Laptop, which includes a 14-inch HD touch screen and is the perfect tool for learning.

Lunch box

A lunch box should be one of the first items on your back to school checklist this year. Storing food that will keep your children happy and healthy throughout the long school day and beyond. Lunch boxes today come in all shapes and sizes, catering to whatever you’re serving up. Choosing the right lunch box can be an overwhelming experience, with so many different varieties and selecting a lunch box that isn’t harmful to your child. Make sure the lunch box you choose is BPA plastic free, keeps food fresh for extended periods of time and is easy to use and store. Some of the best brands in lunch boxes include Décor, LunchBots, Munchbox, Smash and many more.

New apparel

With kids these days leading such busy and active lifestyles, the last thing you want as a parent is your child being uncomfortable. Send your child off to school in comfort this year with Bonds. Make sure you have the best in underwear, socks and swimwear with Bonds this academic year. Available in all ages, Bonds boasts a wide range of colours, quirky designs and simple styled apparel. Whether it be sitting down for hours on end in the classroom, or running up and down the sports field, it’s crucial to your child’s success that they be in comfort. Shop for both boys and girls with Bond’s easy to wash, long lasting school essentials. Make sure your child is sent off to school in comfort this year!


A students backpack is an integral part of their daily routine. Finding the right bag should not be overlooked and should be addressed before school goes back. There are many things to consider when choosing the bag that suits your child. A school backpack usually contains heavy textbooks and laptops, meaning proper back support is needed for this extra weight. An ill-fitting backpack can result in uneven weight distribution which leads to potential health issues for your child. Make sure the bag is appropriately sized, and has no unnecessary weight attached. Try to select a backpack that has multiple pockets and compartments. In this case your child can effectively store such things as water bottles, stationary, laptops and more. With separate compartments it will be easier for your child to find and store smaller items. Some of the most recommended brands in children’s backpacks include JanSport, the North Face and Osprey.

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