Why Engineering Departments Are Departmentalized

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Just like on the road, certain groups of traffic are sectioned off from each other, so too are employees in various fields. The engineering industry has to do this for many reasons but one of them is to keep different manufacturing stages apart from each other. When you make something with your hands or by using machines, a lot can go wrong. It’s not like when you’re inside a boardroom and everyone is discussing ideas and if you don’t like something or when something goes wrong, you’re easily able to erase it. No, when something goes wrong in a production line, then things need to stop. At the very least they need to halt and have a quick look at the problem. If this doesn’t happen a defective area of a product can be shipped off to the customer. Whereas if you have stages and departments working by themselves, you can isolate the issue very quickly and not contaminate the other parts of the line. Essentially this is called departmentalizing the departments.

Culture and ideas purity

Let’s face it, engineers are very strong-minded people. They know what they want and like. Not only do they have a friendly rivalry with the design element of any business, but they also have this among themselves. The difficulty for you as the business owner comes when you’re trying to get them to work together and at the same time not merge their minds. Why is this so important? Well, automotive engineers will have a different mindset and approach to a problem than bridge engineers. Both have an engineering background but they think totally different from one another. So if you’re running a manufacturing facility you need to support and separate each engineering department. Clearly the benefits for doing so will be their culture flourishing and their ideas will remain unique and innovative.

Mindful of differing practices

Whether you’re the owner of a business that also has a storage warehouse or a manufacturing facility, you’re going to be confronted with safety challenges. Not to mention, each engineering department will have their own tools, need their own space, have different numbers of workers in each area and work in varying conditions of heat, air quality and a lot more. You have to bear in mind that not everyone is going to know the practices of the other department which can lead to complex safety concerns. One simple way to show everyone where to step, where not to stand and what they should or should not do in specific manufacturing zones is by using floor safety services. Painted onto the ground using intricate materials and designed to industry and lawful standards, this solution of markings clearly indicates to everyone who works for you, the safety practices that need to be adhered to.

When engineers are given their own space to work in, their techniques can avoid clashing. This is especially needed when you are running a manufacturing business as different departments need their own space. Consider protecting the culture of each supplying them with sectioned areas in the facility from which they can expand their ideas.


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