Why Is Handcrafted Jewelry Becoming Increasingly Popular

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Something vaguely primitive and pagan has entered fashion. Primitive in this case should have no negative connotations, it is just a reference to both the traditional crafting manufacture and the belief in the charm-like qualities of amulets.

But it is contradictory in some sense, as fashion is a sign of culture, in both the wide and narrow sense of the word. Having this tendency as a type of cultural response may mean more than just being fashionable.

Let’s dissect this matter and see what all of this is about.

Different Styles

There are fashion styles that have become immensely popular in recent years to which jewelry is an essential part of the look. This jewelry is, however, not supposed to look expensive or elegant but rather represent the free spirit, spirituality, and playfulness. To name just a few:


  • Witchy


As the name itself suggests, this is a witch-inspired style, mainly in reference to Wiccan witches. This is reminiscent of the feminine society concerned with healing energies and the wisdom of nature.

This is recreated through gemstone jewelry and healing crystals, whether on necklaces or multiple rings. They are further brought out by black clothing, which is inspired by the dark and mystical side of the feminine represented in witches.


  • Boho


Boho designates a style of dress inspired by the bohemian and hippie lifestyle and can even be evocative of the pre-Raphaelite women.

It usually goes with a hat, fedora, or something wide-brimmed, embellished with feathers and dangling beads. Decoration resembles that of gypsy, Indian, or Hindu ethnic ornaments. This goes with long, multiple-layered necklaces, stacked bangles, cuffs, and rings.


  • Shabby Chic


This style combines new and antique pieces of clothing and jewelry. It means dressing in vintage-inspired clothing that evokes an old-fashioned play on feminine values.

It goes with antique-looking, delicate necklaces that combine long chains with floral or heart lockets and layer choker necklaces. Also, this is combined with chandelier earrings and jewelry that has a touch of patina, be it brooches or rings with rhinestones.

Gems and Lucky Charms

There is a certain significance in picking the right gemstone. To some, it is not just about the beauty of the crystal but about its symbolic meaning – and even more to the ensuing healing properties.

Some women make amulets after carefully choosing the right crystal for their needs. Here are some of the most popular crystal choices:


  • Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, brings a sense of nurturing love of oneself, family, or friends. This stone should encourage positive thinking and promote fertility.


  • Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is a stone that is the master healer of crystals. It encourages clarity and harmony and is great for recharging energy.


  • Amethyst


Amethyst is supposed to help you heal the body, mind, and spirit, purifying stress, soothing irritability, balancing your mood and anxiety.


  • Citrine


Citrine is a yellow stone that focuses on rejuvenating and energizing. It brings creativity and physical stamina, helping you manifest your goals.


  • Fluorite


Fluorite is known as the protector gemstone. With the ability to ward off negative energy from your surrounding, fluorite can also help you find spiritual tranquility.

Here, you can learn more about the various uses and meanings of different crystals. Alexcraft can provide you with great jewelry making supplies, from crystal pendants to other decorative beads, clasps, and chains.

The Cultural Significance

Fashion is never just generally likable. It is likable precisely because it carries a meaning or an emotion that hits the unmet collective yearning.


  • Spirituality


This turn in fashion may be due to the increasing need for spirituality, as many new-age movements have shown. Just as in modernity, part of the population is infatuated by futuristic ideas, and the other half is nostalgic, turning to ideas of nature and spirituality.


  • Femininity


Also, the reestablishing of femininity is taking it’s course, as many women are experimenting with fashion which carries with it a feeling of dark feminine mystery and carefree, spontaneous, abundant and gentle or sophisticated nature of the feminine. These are traditional concepts of femininity, however, and women seem to be trying to reintegrate them into a more modern frame.

All in all, this is as practical as it is fashionable. It’s a creative way of designing your style, it’s less expensive and more fun. Being unique, it can be both emotionally valuable to you and a great present to loved ones.

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