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3 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

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Whether you’re an established real estate agent with years of experience — or just recently received your license and are ready to jump into a new career — you undoubtedly want to always feel prepared and become as successful as possible.

Even if you’ve been in the game for years, there are always new ideas and tips to keep in mind on how to be the most effective agent. With that in mind, here are three habits of highly successful real estate agents.

1. You’re an Amazing Communicator

One habit all successful real estate agents have in common is their ability to be effective communicators with their clients. This means being an active listener and concentrating on what your clients are saying in terms of their wants and needs for a new home.

Beyond those must-dos, you should also avoid clichéd sales talk and phrases that make you sound more like a salesperson than a real estate agent. It’s also important that you be amazingly quick at staying in touch using whatever method of communication your clients prefer, albeit by phone, text or email.

2. You Keep Safety in Mind at All Times

Another habit top-of-the-line agents strive to practice at all times is safety. When hosting an open house, try to have another agent there with you. And for additional peace of mind, you might want to invest in some wire-free security cameras that are easy to install and uninstall at the different properties you represent.

Lorex sells a selection of wire-free, battery-operated home security camera systems that you can install at the homes you’ve listed. As a bonus, these wire-free cameras can help monitor vacant properties. Just be sure to get the homeowner’s approval before installing them.

3. You Know the Neighborhoods Like the Back of Your Hand

The best real estate agents know which homes are on the market, as well as the average price of comparable homes in various neighborhoods. They also tend to be adept at helping to match their clients to a part of the city that offers the best fit for them.

For instance, if their clients have young kids, a successful agent will know all about which school districts are the best in the area and show them homes near these schools. For younger couples who like to experience life downtown, the focus would be more on urban lofts and other homes in the center of town, as opposed to the ‘burbs.

Ultimately, it’s all about learning as much as possible about the areas of town you’re targeting and typically represent — this way, when clients have questions about the proximity to grocery stores, hospitals, theaters, veterinarians, malls, coffee shops and more, you’ll have the most accurate answers for them.

You Have the Tips to Succeed in Your Career

Being a successful real estate agent doesn’t take some mysterious combination of skills that only a few can learn. By following in the footsteps of the best agents working today — and emulating their habits like the ones mentioned above — you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top performer and industry success story.

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