4 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Property of Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most favorable investment options for global investors because it is a popular and thriving country in Asia. The government of Singapore has put its best efforts to promote investments which have helped in creating great infrastructures in the country. It’s important to realize what makes Singapore a great investment option. Here are the reasons why you should invest in Singapore real estate:

Economy and Wealth:

Singapore is one of the few first-world states in Asia, along with Hong Kong and Japan. That is why it is also one of the best in the world in terms of economy. Singapore is listed among the top 4 financial hubs in the world, right up there with New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. According to income per capita (a measure of the wealth of a country), it also ranks among the top 10 in the world. These facts indicate that Singapore is a prosperous country in terms of economy and wealth.

Moreover, the open nature of its economy offers one of the lowest corporate and income taxes in the world. This makes Singapore more appealing and attractive to multinational companies to set up their businesses, and wealthy foreign individuals to invest here. The strategic location of Singapore serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia which also attracts many international and nearby countries to set up their offices and headquarters here resulting in more wealth and highly paid jobs in the country. As more foreign companies and wealthy individuals want to work and live here, the demand for real estate is constantly increasing, for both capital and rental appreciation of the property. 

World Class Infrastructure, Medical, and Education:

Being a first world country, Singapore offers world class infrastructure and educational and medical facilities. It also offers a pool of highly educated professionals due to its modern education system. These state of the art infrastructures with the latest medical and educational facilities offer a high-quality lifestyle and serve as convincing factors in attracting foreign direct investment, MNCs, and high net worth individuals. And it directly benefits the property market. A property agent in Singapore can assist you in purchasing the best deal for the investment.   

Political Stability:

Singapore is a politically stable country which makes it safe for investment among its neighbors. This is particularly important for foreign investors because they want to buy property in a country which is stable and safe so that their investment won’t be exposed to unnecessary risks. Political instability can bring down the property value significantly due to the changing of government and unrest. It explains why wealthy Indonesians invest in property of Singapore because they know their investment will be safe here. 

Currency Strength:

Singapore dollar is among the strongest currencies in Asia and its value is constantly growing over the years, especially against Malaysia and Indonesia. That is another compelling and strong reason to invest in property of Singapore. The investors enjoy appreciation form two perspectives, one from the property itself, and other from currency value because Singapore Dollar appreciates against Rupiah and Ringgit. The strong economy and political stability also ensure that its currency will stay strong and keep on appreciating in the future. 

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