5 Steps To Shaving Your Beard

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Maintaining a beard is part and parcel of being a man. A beard that looks unkempt obviously tells people that you don’t bother to groom yourself before leaving the house. It also reflects on your personality. Once you have a beard, you just have to commit yourself to shaving it every now and then because it will always grow back. While shaving a beard takes just a few minutes, there are some men who prefer to keep it unkempt. Majority of them avoid grooming their beard due to the irritation that they get after shaving. Such irritations are usually experienced due to the use of wrong shaving techniques. If you do it the right way, you will definitely enjoy a smooth shave, that’s free from cuts and other kinds of irritations. Here is a list of steps that you should follow when shaving with foil shaver.

  1. Lubricate the Beard with Water and Cream

It’s important you first lubricate your beard with water and shaving cream. This is because a lubricated beard is much easier to shave than a dry one. Besides that, running a shaver on a dry skin increases the chances of suffering nicks and cuts. To get started, just get some water from the bathroom sink and use it to wash your entire face and purchase  straight edge razors. This helps in eliminating any dust that might be trapped on individual hairs.

You should then use a towel to wipe away excess water. Once you are done with drying excess water, you can now apply your favorite shaving cream. For best results, it’s advisable you use a gentle brush in spreading the cream. All this time you should be standing in front of a mirror so that you can see what you are doing.

  1. Turn on the Electric Shaver

Modern shavers are powered by electricity. Some of them are designed to be cordless, meaning they run on rechargeable batteries. The corded type usually has to remain connected to a wall socket. After turning the shaver on, you can start by running it through your beard. You should actually start on the edges, specifically from below the ear to the chin. By the rule of thumb, you should avoid shaving against the growth of individual hair follicles as this increases the chances of irritating your skin due to cuts.

In fact, it’s recommended you shave from top to bottom to avoid the cuts that come about when you shave against the alignment of the beard. If you desire a smooth outlook, you will just have to keep shaving until there is not even a single hair on your chin and the lips. The good thing is that you can adjust the cutting depth of your shaver to achieve the length of a trim that you want.

  1. Wash Your Beard and Face

After you are done shaving your beard, you have to wash your face with clean water to remove the mess that’s usually left behind by the cream. Some people prefer to use their bare hands but it’s advisable you use a dumb towel to clean your face as it prevents the mess from staining your clothes. Once your skin is dry, you can now apply your favorite after-shave. The advantage of applying an after-shave is that it helps in soothing the skin and nourishes the hair after it has grown back.

  1. Final Touches

Men who have a short beard can have a smooth shave at a go. However, if you have an overgrown beard, you might have to do a re-shave after you are through with the first instance. You should therefore look for any hair that might have been skipped by the blade and use the shaver to remove them.

  1. Rinse the Shaver

After you have finished shaving your beard, it’s recommended you clean and rinse your electric shaver with clean water. All you have to do is place the head of the shaver under running water for 2 to 3 minutes. However, make sure that the shaver is switched off to avoid damaging its internal components due to short circuits. This helps in preventing the shaver from getting clogged by hair. In fact, leaving the shaver dirty causes the blades to get dull faster or even encourages rusting. Remember, the resulting dirt can harbor bacteria that can later infect your skin when you use the shaver again. Once you are done, keep your shaver on a dry surface that’s free from moisture.



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