5 things you didn’t know a dental practice could do

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The modern day dental practice does more than just fix your teeth and give you the occasional filling. That’s right, visiting your dentist doesn’t have to be the boring experience that it’s made out to be and you can actually come away from the place with some white-teeth, cancer free as well as some lip fillers depending on what type of person you are. Whether you’re looking for some simple teeth whitening or some preventative treatment, here are some of the unexpected services available at many dentists.. 

Teeth Whitening 

Improve your pearly whites with a teeth whitening service and impress potential interviewers, friends, and family with your sparkling white teeth. Teeth whitening services are now available from most dentists for a fairly cheap price so there’s now no excuse for not having a million-dollar toothpaste smile. Rid yourself of the worry of having coffee or wine-stained teeth with a teeth-whitening service tailor made for you, allowing you to choose the shade of your teeth so you’re not looking too radioactive. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all teeth whitening services performed at the dentist will be regulated and completed using only the best moulds and whiteners. 

Oral Hygiene 

Once you start reaching your old age they say the biggest thing you regret is not looking after your teeth and oral hygiene. Head to a dentist in Balham to receive a full check-up related to your oral hygiene and receive advice on the best actions to take forward. Whether the dentist offers you a full clean out of your mouth or advices you to start flossing, brushing more, or switching to an electric toothbrush, you can guarantee the advice will be worth your while in the long-run, when your teeth are the talk of the retirement home. 

Preventative Treatments 

Dentists not only fix your teeth, but they prevent issues from worsening too. Whether you’ve got an abscess or you’re in need of a root canal, a good dentist offers many preventative treatments to make sure your dental hygiene doesn’t get any worse while also saving you a little bit of money in the long run. Serious dental surgery can often be as dangerous as standard medical surgery, so it always helps to keep your teeth and oral hygiene in good health to ensure problems are kept at a minimum. 

Lip Fillers 

Lip fillers are perhaps the latest treatment available from many dental surgeries. One thing you can be sure of if you’re going to get your lips plumped up at a dental surgery is that you’re going to be in safe hands, with medical professionals who are experienced and using only regulated treatments. Lip fillers are completed by making small collagen injections into your lips to improve the volume or size of your lips depending on your taste. Who knows how long this service will last within the dental industry, but the cosmetic industry doesn’t seem to be letting go of the lip filling trend anytime soon?

Cancer Screening 

Unfortunately, cancer is one of the biggest killers in our society and it’s important to make sure you diagnose the disease fast before the issues become worse. Perhaps this point falls under the oral hygiene and preventative treatment points but for something so important it probably requires its own section. A good dentist will be able to spot signs and symptoms of mouth and throat cancer as well as any other diseases that effect the mouth and throat. 

Book an appointment with a Dentist in Balham today and make the most of all the above mentioned treatments.





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