6 Great Ways To Personalize Your Boring Devices

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Everybody is carrying around a whole load of different devices all of the time. Right now, you’ve probably got a phone and a laptop or tablet within reach and you might have other things like e-readers lying around the house as well. All of this tech is great and it improves our lives in so many different ways, but it doesn’t look that great a lot of the time. Everybody is walking around with the same boring silver or black phones and laptops and if you’re the kind of person that is worried about style, they’re not ideal. That’s why it’s a good idea to personalize your devices so they’re a bit more interesting. It’s a good way to stop them from getting stolen as well because things are harder to sell when they have distinctive marking and it will be easier for the police to recover if they do end up being stolen. If you’re bored with the way that your devices look, these are some of the best ways to personalize them.


Engravings are fairly cheap to get done and you can have whatever design that you like. As long as the phone or laptop has a metal back on it, you can get it engraved with a great custom design of your choice. You could put your name and address on it if you want a more practical design that protects you from theft but you could also get a picture of some kind. Just remember that you can’t change it so pick something that you’re sure you’ll always like and don’t get something engraved if you think that you might sell it or trade it in in the future because you aren’t likely to get much for it.


If you want a less permanent option than engraving, you could go for some stickers instead. There are plenty of places that sell great phone or laptop stickers in all sorts of different designs. If you’ve got an Apple Mac, there are specific stickers that cover the entire case but you could also get a load of smaller stickers and put your own stamp on your laptop or phone. The good thing about using stickers is that you can take them off and replace them with new ones whenever you like and if you do ever want to sell your devices, you don’t have to worry about them losing their value because you’ve customized them.


A sturdy case for your phone or laptop is a good way to protect it from damage, especially if you’re clumsy and you’re prone to dropping it. But it’s also a great tech accessory that makes your devices look a little more interesting. You can get some great custom case on sites like Etsy which are a lot more interesting than the boring plain ones that you’ll find in most shops. If you contact a seller, you might even be able to get them to make a custom design just for you, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for it.

Unique Wallpapers

It’s not just the outside of the devices that you can personalize, it’s the software too. The lock screen of your device is the thing that you’ll see most when it’s just laying around the house, so why not put something more interesting on there? A slideshow of some of your own personal photos is a nice touch and it’s a lot more interesting to look at than the boring default wallpaper that comes on the phone. You can choose different wallpapers for the lock screen and the home screen as well and some devices even have a perspective feature so the wallpaper moves as you tilt your phone.

Add A New Ringtone

Most people have the same ring and text tones on their phone, which is annoying when somebody’s goes off in a crowded area and everybody is checking to see whether it’s them. You can avoid that and make your device a little more interesting by choosing a different ringtone. Just go into the setting and see if there is something more interesting than the default that you could use. If you aren’t bothered by any of those and you want to make it more personal, you could add your favorite song as a ringtone and you can even put different ringtones for different people. This can be a bit tricky if you have an iPhone because they make you pay to put songs as ringtones but there are ways around this if you’re willing to spend a bit more time creating a ringtone.  

Change The Home Screen Layout

Most people just leave the home screen layout on their phones and laptops and they’re pretty boring, but you can make your devices a lot more unique if you just play around with it a bit and change the layout. Even though you are confined to a grid layout on most devices, there is still a bit of room to get creative with it. You can create your own icons instead of using the default ones, which gives you a bit more freedom to design your home screen. Using folders is a great way to change things up as well; if you want a minimalist look then you can put everything into one folder and hide it so you’ve just got the wallpaper and then you can find apps using the search function. You could also change the color of the custom icons and then arrange things by color to make a cool design. Grouping apps by category and then having an icon for each category on the home screen is a great idea too. For example, you can have read, listen, and communicate as your categories and then in each folder have all of your different apps. It’s a far more streamlined and stylish way of organizing the home screen instead of just having a big mess of icons.

You don’t have to have a boring device that looks just the same as everybody else’s, you can use these simple tips and tricks to customize it and make it your own.

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