9 Effective Tips to Eliminate Pregnancy Back Pain

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Are you unable to enjoy your pregnancy phase due to the constant backache? We have come up with a few simple remedies that can help you manage or eliminate the pain.

  1. Wear the Right Gear:

During pregnancy, do not wear high heels as it will further shift the center of gravity and you may dis-balance. Wear low-heeled shoes (not flats) to maintain your balance.

You can wear a maternity support belt but do not wear it all the time. Wear them during difficult activities when you need to bend and lift a lot but do not get too used to it else your muscle will stop working. Avoid wearing the belt too tightly else you may give rise to pelvic organ prolapse.

  1. Maintain Good Posture

If you want to prevent back pain, you need to maintain a good posture. Remember, pregnancy shifts your center of gravity which means you may lean a little back while doing most activities that might cause back pain due to overstress. You should concentrate on standing straight with your shoulders relaxed. If you sit, use a chair with back support with a small pillow for your lower back.

  1. Sleep Correctly:

The right way of sleeping at night can help in managing back pain to a great extent. Sleeping on your back may not be the ideal option, if you do so, keep a pillow below your legs. Prefer to sleep sideways with a pillow between your legs.

  1. Get a Massage:

Getting regular massages can help you get some relief from back pain. A good massage will also offer you some relaxation from all the hustle which is much needed during this time.

  1. Try Hot and Cold Therapy:

Applying an ice pack or heating pad can help to reduce the back pain. You can do this therapy every night before going to bed. It might help you sleep better as well.

  1. Practice Physical Activity:

Many women stop physical activities during pregnancy, and they prefer resting. If your doctor has not put you on bed rest, then we suggest you do some basic activities as sitting idle will only cause stiffness of the back muscle whereas movement will make your muscle flex better.

  1. Eliminate Stress:

Many times, your pain may get escalated due to stress hence focus on giving your mind rest as well. Do some yoga or meditation to relax. This may help you manage your pain.

  1. Stretch:

Practicing a few stretching moves can help your muscle loose which may minimize the pain. Join a workout group for pregnant females to help you with practicing the right stretches.

  1. Take the Aid of Physical Therapy:

If you are unable to manage the back pain on your own, visiting an expert from TRi Physical Therapy is always the best option as they know exactly what will help you and give you treatments that would actually make a difference.

Pregnancy is a phase where you need to enjoy spending time to prepare for your new-born rather than suffer from pain and ailments. With the right precaution and treatments, you can easily manage all the health issues and become a happy and proud mother to be.

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