Always Follow These Decoration Rules when Arranging Your Furniture

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Interior designing is an art. It can make even a small house look big and expensive. The problem is not everyone has that creativity of interior designers, and they can be very expensive to hire. The only choice we are left with is to plan the interior ourselves. If not done correctly, you will end making your house look pretentious. This article will help you avoid that. I have shared a few rules shared by expert designers to help you arrange furniture in your house.

Consider the Flow

Before putting in your furniture, visualize how people will come and go through that area. Where they will enter the room, how they will go to the other side, and how they can approach each chair or sofa. You don’t want them to slide with a wall or hitting things around. You have to place your furniture in a way that there is plenty of space to walk from one side to another.

A Big Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must where you sit. It is a common mistake to get a table that feels like out of place. That usually happens when it’s too small for the room and furniture around it. Don’t be shy to buy a bigger coffee table. Big coffee table will make it easy for everyone to approach it.

Put Tables at Arm’s Length

The table shouldn’t be too close to the chair or couch that it’s difficult to sit nor should it be so distant that you can’t reach it. A rule of thumb is to put the table at arm’s length. It will be easier to sit on the couch, reach things on the table, or put legs on it.

Decide a Focal Point

Entire furniture has to be pointed at one direction that we call the focal point. You have to decide a good focal point which brings life to the room. Normally, a television or fireplace mantel becomes the focal point. But, it’s up to you to decide if there is a better alternative.

Make it Easy for People to Talk

Arrange all the furniture in a place that encourages conversation. Make it easy for everyone to address and talk to each other. One shouldn’t have to move to look at someone sitting in the room. You should visit an online furniture website to see furniture sets and visualize how it will look in your room. Here’s the URL of Surplus Furniture to find the latest furniture at reasonable prices delivered to your house on the same day in Calgary.

Use the Right Size Rug

It’s quite normal to use a rug under the furniture. It’s suggested that you also use an area rug. But make sure it’s not small or in pieces. Use one big rug that covers every piece of furniture. That said, it shouldn’t be so big to cover the area outside the furniture.

Hang Some Wall Arts

Any drawing, picture, or frame will work as wall art. It brings colors in the room. You should hang some items above the couch or bed. It shouldn’t too low that it hides behind the furniture but not too high that you have to look up to see it.

Keep the Balance

It is important to divide all furniture equally in the room, especially in the drawing room. For example, if you have one big couch and one small couch on the left side, then it should be the same on the right side. There should also be something to use in between them. But remember to divide sides equally.


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