Begin Living a Minimalist Lifestyle in 5 Easy Steps

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Money brings happiness, right? The more you possess the happier you are, right? WRONG!

Research actually proves that experiences, not possessions, lead to long-lasting happiness. Looks like it’s time to take on the latest trend and become a minimalist!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to give up all your home comforts to become a minimalist. Minimalism is all about balancing your life and giving yourself more freedom.

How can you begin living a minimalist lifestyle? Read on to find out.

How to be a Minimalist—A Quick Guide

So how to become a minimalist? You don’t have to opt for an extreme minimalist living unless you want too. But a few simple changes could really change your life for the better.

Follow these steps and you can embrace the minimalist lifestyle!

1. Declutter EVERYWHERE

When wondering how to be a minimalist, the first thing that may come to mind is clutter around your home. Try to remove anything and everything that you don’t use. Especially surface clutter (ornaments and decorative items).

Declutter your wardrobe too. Dress with less and try to have a staple wardrobe of essentials instead of an overflowing closet with hundreds of things you never use.

Once you’ve decluttered, keep on top of things. A good rule to keep in mind is this: When you buy something new, you have to throw something away.

2. Save Space

After you’ve de-cluttered your home, you may notice there is a lot of unused space. Maybe even whole rooms that are now unused.

Consider downsizing for the ultimate way to simplify your life. Not only will it lower your housing expenses for your rent or mortgage, but your utility bills will be cheaper too.

Some who are into extreme minimalist living opt for a tiny house to live in. They are not only cheap and easy to maintain, but they are better for the environment too.

3. Food, Glorious Food

We all love a good meal. Extreme minimalist living may require you to give up a lot of the things you love foodwise. But you don’t have to be extreme, just try to get organized.

For instance, eat similar meals throughout the week. Try planning 2 or 3 dinner choices and rotate during the week. You’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run.

4. Get Yourself Organized

As well as minimizing possessions, another important facet of minimalism is to make the best use of your time. This means you need to find systems that help you to keep on top of things.

No, not robots!

Buy technology that automates time-consuming jobs, such as washing up or sorting through emails. And try to make schedules and stick to them. These systems will keep you organized, and you’ll feel amazed at the amount of time you can save.

5. Say Bye-Bye to Debt

Try to get out of debt. But if you’ve accumulated debts here there and everywhere, you’ll never be able to start living a minimalist lifestyle. Try Bonsai Finance to help get your financial life in order.

Once you’re able to stop living paycheck to paycheck, you’ll have more cash to splash. But this time not on unnecessary items. Collect memories, not things!

Time to Begin a Minimalist Lifestyle

Yes, it’s time to begin a minimalist lifestyle. Are you ready? Take the journey step by step, and you’ll never look back.

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