Best Ways To Save Money & Maintain Your Lifestyle

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I doubt it would be easy to find a single human on the planet (or at least in the Western world) who doesn’t think they waste money on things that they don’t really need. But I think with how busy all of our lives are these days it’s difficult to take the time to sort these things out, but it’s not as hard as you think and some of these money saving ways can be quite fun actually. So let’s look at a few of them.

Assess Your Grocery Shopping Choices

First up ask yourself, where do I buy my groceries from? Can the same items be purchased from a cheaper store at a knock-down price? If so then why wait make this switch with literally zero impact on your lifestyle. Another easy win on this front is to look at the store’s own brand items rather than the branded alternatives which can be as much as double the price and sometimes you can’t even tell the difference, give it a go and see if you notice?

Try Buying ‘Vintage’ 2nd Hand Clothes

Now this is a fun one. Why not try shopping for 2nd hand fashions? It may take a little longer than just rocking up to your usual place and getting the same old styles. You will almost certainly get something that is more unique and can be just for you. If you are handy with the sewing machine you can even alter and improve items to personalize them even more.

Get A Gourmet Coffee Machine

How much money do you end up paying to Starbucks or the equivalent every month? If you are at all like me it must be a small fortune! Those few bucks a couple of times a day really add up, so why not consider your own machine? It’s such a great feeling to be able to just glide into the kitchen and whip up a barista-quality brew in an instant and in the comfort of your own home. The Coffee Maven has a great variety of recommendations to point you in the right direction for your perfect machine.

Look For Vouchers & Offers

If you like going to certain places or enjoy certain types of experiences then why should you compromise that? You shouldn’t but what you can do is keep an eye out for when there are offers on or if vouchers are available then you can still, with a little pre-planning, get the same experiences you’ve always enjoyed and not compromise on quality of experience.

Cut Out Recurring Monthly Waste

This is the boring bit. Basically you will be wasting money on some things you really don’t need or can pay less for. Such as recurring subscriptions unused, like gym memberships or phone apps, these can be cancelled and add up to a huge amount of savings sometimes. Also check your essential bills such as gas, electricity and phone/internet are with the cheapest provider.

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