Blazing Boarders – Best Places To Skateboard In Australia

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You’re never too old to skateboard. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true – but the generation that grew up skateboarding now have kids and are hopefully teaching them the ways of trucks and wheels. From a sweet little cruise down the street to grab a Slurpee from pulling off kickflips at the local skate park – there are heaps of reasons why you should keep skating. And the land down under is an excellent place for skateboarding. There is a stack of dedicated skate parks, but any area with lots of concrete and some stairs will serve just as well. So all you blazing boarders – read on to discover the best places to skateboard in Australia.

Grinding in New South Wales

Australia’s first state has a range of different places you can get your ollie on. In the Northern Beaches of Sydney is the Mona Vale Skate Park, which is an excellent place to skateboard. This park is suited to all skill levels,  so pros will have just as much fun as beginners. 

Moving further north to the Mid North Coast and you’ve got the brilliant skate park at Bateau Bay. This park actually has the deepest bowl in Australia, which is four metres at its deepest. It also has a vast gnarly vertical fall for the thrill seekers. 

For those living in the outskirts of Sydney, Wollongong has a prime location. The Holborn Skate Plaza has a variety of ramps, stairs and a bowl for you to carve it up in. 

Getting Technical in Victoria


Home to the country’s most metropolitan city – Melbourne, Victoria has a wealth of skate parks for the adrenaline junkies among you. In the middle of the inner-city lies the Fitzroy bowl, a Melbourne institution. If you’re a bit further north, on the suburban fringes, then check out the Newbury skate park which has a heap of cool features. Or, try the parks in Fawkner or Coburg which are quite popular. 

If you’re a bit further west in the state, then Geelong has a waterfront skate park with a load of ledges, ramps and rails to keep you busy. A bit further west into the Otways is the Lorne park, which has a beautiful deep bowl for those huge tricks.

Getting Wild in the West

If you’re out in the wild Western Australia, then you may believe that there’s no place to skate! You couldn’t be further from the truth as even Perth packs a few parks to be proud of. The Kwinana New Skate Park has bowls, ramps and a few slick rails for that sweet grinding action. The Wanneroo Showgrounds skate park will also keep you on your toes – featuring a deep bowl, kickers and quarters. 

Heading North to Queensland

Finally, let’s take a look at Queensland. Brisbane has a few radical skate parks to boast. The Weinam Creek park is worth a look, with mini ramps, kickers and ledges to pop some tricks off. Ashgrove has a swell area as well, although its a bit small so if it’s crowded you may have to wait your turn.

Wrapping it Up

Australia is a great country full of adventures to be had, especially if you like to skateboard. We’ve discussed some gnarly parks in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland but the other states and territories each have their own unique places to skate as well. Remember to stay hydrated as you skate, as it’s hard work, and although it may not be trendy, protective gear can mean the difference between a bruise and a bump and a broken limb. Have fun! 





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