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Choosing Your Perfect Diamond

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If you are getting married, buying for a special occasion or simply treating yourself this year; there are a lot of things you can treat yourself to and diamonds are the top of many lists. Diamonds are beautiful gemstones and some of the most precious in the world. They are known for their purity and they are amazing to add to your wardrobe for a stunning scene this year. Today we are going to take a look at some different methods you can use to choose the best diamond for you or the one you love this year.

Man made or natural?

This might not be something you have considered before when choosing a diamond for yourself but there are more than one type of diamonds in the world. There are natural ones which were formed by chemical reactions and pressure in the earth, and there are man made diamonds which are grown in a lab be scientists. Some people don’t like the idea of a lab grown diamond but the truth is that they are just as good as natural ones and are often more pure. Think of which kind you want before you carry on.

Think of the shape

The shape of a diamond is actually more important than you may think and it is something which will change depending on the person you are buying for and the shine you want. Different cuts of diamond shine light in a different way and this means that sometimes you will not get the shine you want even when you choose a shape you like. Think about what it more important to you and make a decision based on this.


The best thing you can do when choosing a diamond is to look at the carat weight of a diamond and choose a minimum weight right off the bat. A lot of the time when choosing a diamond you will start with one which is larger than this and changes will be made such as cuttings and such which will lower the weight. If you set a minimum value you can ensure that you stay above this value and don’t stray too far below.

Start high

The best thing you can do when choosing a diamond is to start with the highest quality you can. There are 4 different things to consider when buying a diamond:

  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat
  • Colour

And all of these factors will play into the type of diamond you end up with. For example if you can start with a carat weight which is higher than you need, you can start to alter the other 3 factors in order to bring the cost down and help you stay within your budget range.

The first thing you will want to change is the clarity. Clarity is a measure of the impurities which can be inside a diamond which may affect the ability to see through a diamond clearly. Clarity has a lot of difference codes so it is worth going through these to begin with. You can go as low as VS2 if you need to and then move into the next stage.

Next up, make sure that you lower the colour. Diamond is a crystal made purely of carbon, however sometimes other elements can become stuck inside the structure and these elements will change the colour of a diamond. The clearest diamonds are the most expensive so if you are on a budget you should be able to get away with using a lower colour grade without compromising too much on the quality of the diamond.

Lower the cut

As we have already discussed briefly, you can lower the cut of a diamond which will reduce the shine of the diamond but will also help you with your budget.

Make sure you balance it all

Once you have completed the first round of lowering everything to a slightly smaller standard, you might find that the diamond is still too expensive for you and this means that you should try and do it all once again. Check after every round of changes and eventually you should be able to find a diamond which is ideal for you or the person you love. Think about ways that you can add this diamond to a ring or a necklace or you can even simply leave it as it is and it will be a gift to end all gifts for a special someone or yourself this year.

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