Cloud Tips And Tricks For Newbies

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The cloud is a way of storing and managing data in a remote way and from anywhere in the world. After years of worrying about the RAM on our computers, companies started to develop a way for us to store data elsewhere and not have it clog up our machines, and most of us use this every single day.

Today we are going to take a look at cloud storage and the cloud data room and see what kind of tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your experience.

  1. E-mail attachments

Even though most of the messaging we do these days is fine through instant messaging, some more formal types of communication still go through emails and this is why it is important for us to manage our emails effectively. One of the ways you can make your email experience a little easier this year is to not download all of your attachments right away and instead download them straight to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. This means the attachments are easy to find and away from your storage on your machine.

  1. A to do list that follows you

When we are trying to be a little more organized with our lives it is easy for us to think of writing a to do list down with all the tasks we need to do in a given day. The issue is when we write a list down on paper we might forget to bring it with us and we end up missing out half of the things we need. However if we instead use google docs to make a list we can access this at any time and ensure that we stay organized.

  1. Managing document versions

When using your cloud software in the workplace one of the things you might want to do is make changes and edit documents as a team along with your colleagues. The main issue here is that you will end up having problems remembering what changes have been made. This is why many cloud services will allow you to go through a list of revisions to your piece and this will allow you to track back if you ever make a mistake.

  1. Music storage and streaming

Storing music on your computer is something which you likely don’t do anymore, but if you do you will know that it costs you a lot of memory of your machine. This is why apps such as Google play allow you to store your music on there and play it whenever you like. It saves you storage space and means you always have access to your favorite tunes.

  1. Unify

When you are working with a company and on a personal level you might be using several different cloud data packages and this can be a little confusing to manage. Luckily Apps such as Otixo make this easy and allow you to keep track of all of your things in one place.

  1. file transfer

Google Drive gives you the ability to store 15GB of data for free, but what happens when you go over this amount? Well, it’s ok because you can transfer large files to another service when you need to and this will help to keep photos storage down on one and manage the other.

  1. Download to cloud

When you are downloading a picture or a file from somewhere, it is likely that you do these steps. Firstly you will download the item on your computer, secondly you might rename it, and then thirdly you’ll upload it to the cloud and delete it from your computer. This is the standard way that people do things and it is easy enough, but what if it was even easier? You can download straight to the cloud instead of to your computer first by using synced folders on your computer. It will make life much easier.

  1. Unlimited folder sync

Cubby is an app you can use which will allow you to sync all of your folders between cloud services and it means that no matter where you are or what you are using, you will always have the access you need. It makes life much easier and will ensure you can always get to your important documents.

  1. Getting more space

There are many ways which you can earn extra storage space from an app such as Dropbox and this can include things like sharing the page on social media, referring friends to use the app and more. This means you can gain a real reward without spending any money on your storage.

  1. Remote printing

It is easier than ever to connect to a printer anywhere and you can use your cloud service to print documents wherever you are with no issues.

  1. Backing up your phone

Our phones pretty much carry our whole lives and you can benefit now and again from clearing out the storage on your phone to make room for new things. This is where a cloud service can come in as this can be the ideal place for you to store all of your data and ensure that it is safe even when you wipe your phone or get a new one.

  1. Browser settings

If you use Google chrome for example and you have a certain setting on there for your browsing, you can transfer these rules to any device by using the cloud service. This means that you can always be sure that you are browsing safely and in a way that you are comfortable.

There are many different handy tips and tricks you can use for the cloud and all of these will have different benefits for your user experience. Make sure that you take the time out to think about how to use the cloud in the best way and you can use this for pretty much every aspect of your life this year and in the years to come.

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