DIY and Vaping: 5 Tips for Steeping Your Own E-Juice

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Vaping is something that has become very popular in recent years. In fact, there has been a great increase in vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. With the vaping market so saturated, it can be difficult to decide which vaping accessories and methods are the best in the industry. One common question is about DIY and Vaping along with how to steep your own e-juice. In order to learn more about DIY and Vaping, review the information below: 

The 5 Best Tips for Steeping Your Own E-Juice

Steeping your E-Juice is a popular trend. It is important to know which E-liquids are the best deals. Be sure to view the hottest e-liquid deals to find the right one for you. Listed below are popular ways to steep your own E-Juice:  

Consider Using Warm Water

Another way to be sure that your E-Juice is steeped properly is to utilize warm water and place the e-liquid in a sealed bag. Drop the bottle in the water that you have heated and let it sit. The recommended time is normally between 10-15 minutes. Then, test the e-liquid. You should repeat this until you get the taste that you are looking for. 

Smell Your E-Juice

There are times when your E-Juice is not steeped properly. The aroma will reflects this. When you are smelling your E-Juice, it will have an aroma that smells more like alcohol. If your E-Juice had been steeped, then it would not have a strong aroma of alcohol. 

Fruit Flavors Don’t Require Steeping

There are many different flavors on the market. When you decide to steep them, be sure that they need to be steeped. This can help you save time and not spoil the flavor. 

 Block All Light

Steeping is a process that is best completed in an area with no light. Be sure to put the fluid into a dark container to have the best possible results.  

Monitor the Color Closely

Color is a good indicator of what stage your liquid is current at and whether it is the right substance for your vape.  Be sure to know what the color should be and be skeptical of darker or opaque colors. This way, you will be sure that the entire steeping process has been completed. 

Final Remarks 

It can be difficult to understand vaping at first because it is a newer complex trend that has very specific requirements. There are many theories on the best practices for vaping, which makes it easy to get confused about what the precise correct practices actually are. Make sure that you properly research which methods are the best so that you are able to get the most longevity out of your device. There are many forums online that can help with the process. In addition, using a video guide can be a great research tool to help you obtain the best possible results when you steep your E-Juice in the future.

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