Have and Eat Your Cake 3 Affordable Honeymoons and How to Pay

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All dressed in white? Check. 

Something blue something borrowed? Check.

Making a list of affordable honeymoons? Is that even possible?

Many people believe that going on a honeymoon is too expensive. And, while some honeymoons can break the bank, they certainly don’t have to. 

So, if you don’t have wealthy in-laws and need to pay for your honeymoon yourself, there are options. 

Honeymoons give you and your partner room to breathe after tying the knot. Planning a wedding can be downright stressful, so it’s good to get away once the ceremony is over. 

Of course, you’ll need to stay within your budget and plan ahead. Planning ahead not only will relieve some stress, but it can also help you to save some cash along the way. 

Ready to find out more about affordable honeymoons? Read on to discover your honeymoon options and how to finance the trip. 

  1. Road Trip!

Road trips can certainly be romantic. If you and your significant have enough time to take a road trip, then plan one out. Seek out the nearest romantic destination, get in the car, and go. 

You could also rent a fancy car or RV for the trip to add in more fun and excitement! 

  1. Go Offseason

Hotels and vacation costs tend to be more expensive during desirable times. For example, around Christmas, New Years, or during the summer when people have time off. 

Opt to go during offseason to get lower rates. Going on the offseason also means that there will be fewer tourists and more peace and quiet. 

  1. Low-Cost Destinations

There are many tropical honeymoon destinations which cost less than others. For example, many islands in the Caribbean offer lower rates and cost less overall. Belize and Jamaica are two honeymoon destinations that can help you to save.

  1. Food and Amenities

Food and amenities on a trip can add up. To reduce these costs, plan to go grocery shopping and cook most of your meals. Plan to go out to eat for a night or two, but for the rest of the time eat at your hotel.

You could also plan to book an all-inclusive resort. An all-inclusive resort will include the cost of food and drink so you won’t need to worry about the final bill. 

  1. Saving and Financing 

Here comes the big question. How do you finance and/or save for your trip?

One way to save is to put aside a consistent amount of money from each paycheck. Another way to get the money is to ask your wedding guests to give you money for your honeymoon instead of gifts.

But, if you don’t want to forego getting gifts and can’t afford to save from your paycheck then there are other options. Online installment loans are one such option that can help you to pay for your honeymoon. 

Affordable Honeymoons Aren’t Just a Dream

Affordable honeymoons can certainly become a reality. By doing research, planning ahead, and finding the best deals you can feel comfortable booking your trip. 

Want to learn about more honeymoon destinations? Check out our blog post to learn more. 

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