How To Choose a Car Battery For Your Climate

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The climate of the region where you live affects the operational life of the battery in your car or truck. High heat and extreme cold can both shorten battery life. Learn about which specifications to look for when buying a battery in a hot climate or cold climate. 

Hot Climates

Hot weather is notorious for killing batteries long before these parts reach the five-year mark. Desert-dwellers may prefer models with substantial reserve capacities for under extreme thermal conditions and the best car jump starter

Humid Climates

Residents of hot, moist climates should look for automotive batteries with corrosion-resistant terminals or protective terminal caps or boots. The salts and minerals in water cause rust to form on metal battery terminals.Corrosion is one of the most common causes of premature part failure.Drivers in humidregions should monitor car battery terminals for signs of corrosion. You may be able to clean off a small to moderate amount of rust with gentle abrasion using a brush dipped in a mixture of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water. Rinse the terminals with a few spritzes of cold water and dry with a cloth. 

Car and truck owners who live in locations with high ambient moisture and precipitation may want to replace or install protective caps or boots designed to prevent moisture from making contact with these parts. When it’s time to buy a new battery, consider a model with terminals that are designed to resist rust. It is also easier to prevent corrosion from becoming a serious problem than to deal with severe rust that has already developed.

Cold Climates

The baseline battery specifications for vehicles operated in cold climates are around 600 cold cranking amps and a reserve capacity of at least 100 minutes. Industry-leading parts are rated up to 900 cold cranking amps with reserve capacities of more than 200 minutes. It is important to prepare every vehicle system for cold-weather challenges. A handy oil filter guide makes it easy to find components to maintain the power and efficiency of any car or truck engine, regardless of the weather.

Battery Maintenance

Whether you live in a climate that tends to be hot or cold or a place where the weather varies, maintaining the condition of the battery in your car or truck is necessary to ensure that this component operates reliably for as many years as possible. Make sure that you drive your vehicle for sufficiently long distances to allow the alternator to recharge the battery. This adds up to about half an hour on the highway or more than hour of city driving. If you only make brief trips, you will drain and weaken the battery. 

Batteries with sufficient amperage and reserve capacity that are regularly maintained and cycled may last up to five years. Considering the climate of the region where you live can help you select the best battery for any car or truck. The right battery for your vehicle and region doesn’t have to break the bank. Find the best car battery prices by comparing parts online.


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