Making Your Car Unique: Give It a Personal Touch

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While choosing a car, most of us pay special attention to the make and model because we want our cars to match our personality. Of course, budget, mileage and other practical aspects play a huge role in the final decision, but we still try to choose a vehicle that suits our personality or taste in some way. 

Unfortunately, most of us believe that’s all we need to do as far as personalization is concerned, and we forget about the afterwork necessary. However, personalizing you car can go much further than the make and model, as we will discuss next.

Why Should You Personalize Your Car?

It is only logical to question why should you bother personalizing your car, when you already have the model you like. Consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are driving around the same exact car that you have, and you might have the answer.

The number would be fewer if it was a particularly expensive buy or a limited-edition car, but in its own class, the car is still lacking an identity, unless you give it yours.

Get a Customized Number Plate

Did you know that you can customize your number plate in any way that you want to? Check the Number 1 Plates design tool which lets you customize and design all aspects of your replacement number plate, before you place the order. 

Everything from how the text in your car’s registration number appears, to the material of the plate itself can be selected by the owner to match their taste and the rest of the car’s theme. Just get a private registration mark from the DVLA to go with your personalized plate and you are set.

What Do You Think about a New Paint-job?

If you bought a new sports car or muscle car of significant value, it is quite likely that it came in the color you like already. If not, a paintjob can be a great idea, especially if your car has seen a few years already. 

Don’t be shy to go with something radical if that’s what appeals to you, but even when you simply go from a matt finish to a glossy finish, the aesthetic change is remarkable.

See If the Interior Needs Any Improvements

Getting new seat covers is an idea worth considering, since they don’t cost much, they are easy to install, and they completely change how the interior looks – similar to what the paint-job does for the exterior. You can also change the entire seats and put in better ones, but that’s obviously going to be a bit more expensive. Also, do make sure that your vehicle can actually support what you are putting inside it.

Dashboard Upgrades

We had no idea that real-life driving can feel so much similar to driving in a video game, but it actually happens when you install a HUD on your dashboard! The latest and high-end models from the top manufacturers already come equipped with these, but for anything between £100 – £250, you can install a third-party HUD display on virtually any car. They display GPS directions and traffic information, your current speed, how much fuel you have left, and even engine warnings right on the transparent display which makes it look like the information is right on the windscreen itself.

There are a ton of other things you can do to add personal touches to your car and these few were only some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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