Our Force Field To The World: Crucial Components For Strong Skin

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The skin is the body’s force field. It protects us from so much, yet we spend a lot of time and effort undoing all the goodness, whether this is through a bad diet, or undergoing so much stress, we’ve got to find a way to reset the balance. Having strong skin will service in so many ways, but are there any crucial components that so many of us are neglecting?

The Right Diet For You

It’s spoken of time and time again. It’s always about the key ingredients you have, but while we know that certain amount of omega-3 will benefit our skin, if we don’t like fish, then surely we’re just not going to benefit? It’s about finding the right diet for you that contains the right components the benefits your skin. For example, a fruit like mangoes have compounds that contain antioxidant properties. As these antioxidants will help to protect certain aspects of your skin, like collagen, we should have it as an essential part of our diet. But what if we don’t like mangoes? If collagen is the thing that we need to specifically protect, there are numerous collagen manufacturers out there that we can approach to get the right supplement. A supplement isn’t a replacement for a healthy diet, but it’s about ensuring you have the right supplements in conjunction with an adequate diet. There are so many different foods out there that can benefit our skin, from tomatoes that have an abundance of lycopene, or green tea that contains polyphenols, but if we don’t like these things, are there any other ways around this? It’s important to undertake your own research to find the right ingredients that you can benefit from, but also find them in foods that you like.

Slowing Down The Cellular Aging Process

Now there’s a lot of information about restricting calories and how it has significant benefits on our aging. Looking at the benefits of a calorie restriction diet could prove to be an anti-aging strategy. Now, this doesn’t give you permission to stop eating, but it’s about looking at what you eat in terms of good quality foods, and if you are just eating too much. While people are now undergoing intermittent fasting, such as the 5:2 diet or the 16/8 method, these processes that can help us to lose weight, sure, but if we want to slow down our aging, this could provide the key. A process called autophagy (essentially, the spring cleaning of our internal cells) was discovered and fasting was shown to be the best way to induce autophagy. While there’s been received wisdom about having three meals a day, it’s important that if you want your skin to look it’s most radiant; perhaps taking a more considered approach to slowing down the cellular aging process may work for you? But if you don’t like the idea of going without food, there’s been some preliminary research showing that allantoin mimics the effect of a calorie restriction diet. This could increase lifespan by more than 20%. The takeaway from this? Allantoin is found in many anti-aging face creams!

The Importance Of Moisture

We’ve all got our own moisturizers and we wouldn’t dare go about our day without having moisturized the night before. But ensuring that we keep moisture in our skin isn’t just about using that all essential moisturizer. It’s about a few important practices as well. After we wash, we need to trap in the most you, so we have to moisturize directly afterward. Instead of washing so much, it’s important to minimize the amount of time you spend in the shower or bath. Our skin has an essential oily layer on it, and if we get rid of this, by excessive washing, we can try it out. We could also use warm water instead of hot water. As nice as a hot shower is, you are going to dry your skin out. It’s also important to try hypoallergenic laundry detergents, and avoiding heat sources that dry out our skin. One of the best things for your skin is to have a cold shower. It’s fantastic for your skin because it reduces the risk of losing these oils on your skin. As it promotes better circulation, this also has a direct impact on your skin.

Reducing Your Stress Levels

It’s been explained to us so much that we live in a stressy world. We are continuously bombarded with information, and as such, the stress is impacting our mind and body, but it’s going to show up on her skin, which will age us terribly. Instead, think about reducing your stress levels by having a comprehensive plan in place. There’s no point in saying that you’re doing it to benefit your skin, but if you’re doing it to benefit your life, your skin will benefit as a byproduct. Reducing your stress can be done in many different ways, it’s not just about practicing calming tactics, but it’s about ensuring that your body is able to process stress effectively. Inflammation is one of those things that have a direct impact on our skin because of the diet we consume. Eat healthier, and eat to reduce your stress. It can be done! But in addition to this, it’s the age-old cliché, get your beauty sleep. Being deprived of sleep will impact your immune system, and can prematurely age your skin. They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason, and this is one of the biggest lessons we need to learn so we can look our best. Without proper sleep, our body is not able to produce collagen, one of the almighty components of skin health.

As our skin is the protective barrier between us and the world, we need to treat it right. We’ve all got our own opinions as to the best way to look after ourselves. And while we can spend a lot of time perfecting the aesthetic aspects of ourselves, we should also think about the internal ones as well. Not just about the food we eat, but about the health practices we have in our mind. If we don’t stress as much, we will be happier, and this will result in fewer wrinkles. Look at those yoga women in their sixties; they don’t have a wrinkle between three of them!

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