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Puppy Planning Principles: a Guide to Planning for Your First Pupper

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Bringing home your first puppy is undoubtedly one of the best days of your life. Not only are you bringing home you furry best friend, you are now getting ready for a lifetime of adventures with your dog by your side. However, it is common for many first-time puppy owners to feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with taking care of a new pet. So, to make this transition time easier, here is a checklist of items you need to help your pup settle in.

A crate or some type of fencing

It is completely up to you if you want to crate train your dog. If you choose this method, you need to be prepared to buy multiple different sized crates as the puppy grows. Most crates will have the pound limit in their description, so it always pays to double check. If you choose to let your puppy sleep wherever they want, consider a type of fencing so you can block off specific areas you’d like for them to stay away from.

Leash, collar, and harness

When leash training a puppy, it is almost expected that they will be pulling and tugging and wanting to smell all over. You can bypass this habit by investing in a specific type of harness and an adjustable leash.

Chew toys and chew sticks

A dog is born with a natural desire to chew, and you sure don’t want your furniture to be ruined as they grow into their teeth. A few chew toys and chew sticks allow them to be playful while also getting all their chewing urges out of their system.

Dog car seat

A  dog car seat is a must to keep your dog feeling safe and secure when traveling in your car. Riding in a car can be a scary experience for a dog as they can’t see where they are going, and a car seat will help them stay put while ensuring you’re safe, as well.

Food and treats

You have to remember that not only is this transition new for you, but its new to the puppy, as well. An easy trick to help them feel more comfortable in their home is to feed them the same type of food that their previous owner or breeder was using. You can always move away from this brand if you’d like down the road, but giving your pup a few moments of comfort with their food is all you need to make a difference.  When moving away try treating them with something like raw pet food, which can offer better taste and nutritional value for your puppy.

A bed

Dogs will inherently want something to retreat to when they are sleepy, especially if you choose not to crate train. Pick up a brand new bed for them and don’t be afraid to move it around to different areas where your pup seems most comfortable. Even consider a few pillows to make it even more cozier of a space for them.

A specific dog waste cleaner

It is inevitable that your puppy will have a few accidents before they are fully trained. Normal carpet and wood cleaners won’t be enough to adequately clean and remove the pet odor, so always get a pet-specific cleaner. You’ll thank yourself later.

With all of these items, you will be ready to start the adventure of a lifetime with your new best friend.

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