Putting A Spin On Your Summer Style

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We approach the summer in a different way to any other season. Of course, we wrap up warm and dry in the winter, but in the autumn and spring, we go with the flow and wear what we want. But the summer has some serious temperature concerns to take into account, especially now things are getting hotter and hotter.

Which means it’s important to take a look at your wardrobe and determine what works. You’ve got plenty of light and breezy outfits, but they’re the ones you’ve seen a million times before, and you want to ramp your style up a little this summer. Just because you’re dressing down doesn’t mean you have to kick fashion to the curb!

Your summer style is pretty good as is, but there’s always some changes that can be made. After all, summer is a hot time of the year, and it makes your hair super frizzy and your skin super clammy, and our clothes might not help that! So here’s to putting a bit of a spin on the outfits you like to don during the sunny months – air your body out a little more and you might just have some more fun!

Grab a Few Crop Tops

Anyone can wear them, truly! No matter the shape of your body, crop tops can be mixed and matched with all kinds of other garments, whilst still leaving a bit of skin exposed. And when it’s hot outside, and the sun is always out to say hi, you’re going to want just that!

Crop tops work with shorts and skirts, and with high and low waisted jeans alike. So if you’re someone who cannot be parted from the jeans that snuggle your hips, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone! Most clothing retailers will have a whole section dedicated to crop tops however, because they’re popular in the summertime. But you can still step outside of the mild with brands such as GCDS. Give their crop styles a look if you’ve got the time!

Remember, crop tops come in all kinds of makes and styles. There’s long crops, that reach to your belly button instead of stopping before them, and there’s bulky crops, for anyone who loves hefty materials, or likes to keep their shoulders covered against the sun. Shop around a little.

Fiddle with Those Dresses!

They’re hanging in your wardrobe, and haven’t been touched in months. Yes, we’re talking about the short and frilly summer dresses you’ve been looking forward to wearing again! But you don’t have to just slip them on – there’s plenty of different ways to style these simple pieces.

Tie them in at the waist, if you’ve got some spare room or material there. This makes the design on the dress pop just a bit more, and helps to cinch the hem up a little (which is perfect for keeping your thighs a little bit cooler!). Or tie the dress at the bottom, off to one side, to give the outfit a gathered look. This is great for a day at the beach!

You could also cut the straps off a couple of tighter pieces, and work with an off the shoulder look. Put a necklace on instead, to decorate your bare collarbone, and make the outfit look a bit more wild. Just make sure you slather on plenty of sunscreen with this one.

Dress Up Your Lower Legs

You’re going to want to get your legs out over the summer, aren’t you? To make sure you get a tan when you’re lounging on the beach, and to keep yourself as cool as possible. So whilst you’re at it, why not think about dressing up your calves and your ankles a bit? After all, they’re prime real estate for adding a bit more style to your outfits.

An ankle bracelet here, a temporary henna tattoo there… anything could work, if you’re wearing plain, denim shorts or pleated, colorful pieces alike. And lower leg jewellery is quite cheap to invest in, so you could buy quite a few items without breaking your clothing budget for the summer. They’ll really make your look pop when the metallic finish reflects the sun back at anyone walking past!

Ready to Get Summer Styling?

Your style for this summer time could shape up to be your best look yet. Make sure you’re preparing for the warm weather with some loose and breathable outfits, and don’t forget to accessorize whilst you’re at it.

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