Seeing Past Our Differences – How Marijuana Brings Us Together

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The beauty of marijuana is that it doesn’t matter age, race, sex or gender we are, because of marijuana we are all the same. Marijuana makes everyone equal. Maybe because of its illegal Federal status, people tend to band together and work together as a community while some others visit website for information. Though this has been observed to continue even in the places where it has been legalized recreationally.

Community is about working together and accepting each other differences. One of the main things about marijuana is that a lot of its products have THC and are relaxing. These relaxing and enlightening features mean that people using marijuana products tend to be more relaxed and less likely to be angry or confrontational. It also helps provide common ideas for group users.

It helps even if two people have different political affiliations, they can find common ground and become friends. It means a person is accepted regardless of who they are, where they came from or what their background is.

Being part of the marijuana community also means creating your own fun times. It means taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. It has been said that everything is more fun and funnier if you are high, it’s true. If you decide to play a game such as a monopoly, the actions of your friends and the outcome of the game can be hysterical every step of the way.

It can also make doing an ordinary task that much more enjoyable, such as washing laundry can become an enlivened experience while using cannabis products. It means spending Friday evening doing your laundry in your dorm with your friends becomes something fun.

What makes cannabis truly unique is the ability it gives to people for communication. It means being able to talk over anything and having it be ok to discuss in detail and allowing for all angles to be explored. A basic topic can become a philosophical discussion that becomes a heart-to-heart discussion on the deeper meaning of life. It also allows you to explore new cultures as you meet new people and find what makes everything for them be in common for you.

Romantic partnerships tend to thrive under the use of cannabis products. Cannabis is thought to enhance romance and make it easier to connect and be sympathetic to each other. If a couple enjoys marijuana together they are less likely to fight and more likely to talk and work out any differences that do come up. The loud vocal arguments are also less likely to occur in these relationships.

Marijuana is a way for some people to open up and talk. It is known as a drug that can lead to greater communication and more than one person has gotten into long discussions with someone on a couch in the bar and neither party was using alcohol.

The discussions it generates part-time friends and long term ones depending on the frequency of visits to a particular area. It can also mean taking people that were enemies and talking to each other and finding out what makes you the same. It transforms the relationship into something more.

Marijuana tends to help people become creative. More artists admit to using marijuana products in the creation of their art and that bringing people together to enjoy it. There are numerous art exhibits that have been influenced by marijuana and performance art pieces in which transcendence means the art is successful.

Some of the best and most celebrated art in the world has been created with the artist under the influence of a substance. Medical marijuana is often prescribed for people who have mental disturbances of all kinds and one of the side effects is extreme creativity and unique creations.

Some of the strains without the THC have been recorded as increasing concentration and greater mental clarity which makes creativity more likely during these times.

The main push that is made for the legalization of marijuana is the way it makes everyone equal when it is around. This unique substance has the power to overcome boundaries and limitations.

When legalization occurs in more states more understanding and fewer criminals will be altering the environments a lot of people live in. it will mean that people can truly understand what it means to be equal.

The 2020 will mean more than the political field of North America being rewritten, it will mean more states legalizing marijuana and the possibility of full legalization countrywide being recognized and debated at the Federal level like it never has been before.

What comes next year can and will shape the future of marijuana and the world will see if the people come together to vote as they’ve never voted before. It will take the numbers to change things though.

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