Smooth Transitions: Top tips on hiring the best movers for your upcoming relocation

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If you have to shift to another city due to a job offer and happen to be looking at some of the best options, for removing and transporting your furniture and the rest of your belongings – you need to check in with some of the top removalists in and around your current location. The fact remains that furniture movers are your best bet and you would be well advised to check out and hire some of the top removal companies rather than get your known associates to help you out since that usually results in breakages, damages and a lot of blame to go around. When it comes to selecting furniture movers, you may find the task a little hard since there’s quite a few of them. But you can use the tips posted below and sort through the lot and choose the right firm.

  • Inventory: When it comes to selecting removalists in Newcastle, you may want to know that reputable companies often take a detailed inventory prior to the move. With an inventory check, you should be able to get a better idea of the company and find out if they are as “professional” as they claim to be. The estimator would be very thorough and he would check all the nooks and crannies, including storage cupboards and inventory all the items. Please note, it would be in your best interest to get rid of the clutter before the estimator gets there, since the moving company’s estimate would be on the weight/ tonnage of what is to be transported.
  • Sign an agreement: Reputable moving companies will not demand cash upfront or even pester you for a token advance. Instead, they would ask you to ink an agreement with them, where you agree to their terms, etc. It would again be in your interest to review the terms of the agreement since the same would have details regarding moving insurance and as to what would happen in case of unforeseen accidents. You need to review and closely read the agreement, and then sign on the bottom line if you are ok with the same.
  • Background check: When it comes to furniture removalists in Newcastle, check the background of the concerned company. You may want to find out just how long the company has been in operation and whether they have the requisite expertise and experience as their ads claim them to be. Furthermore, if a mere background check reveals that the concerned company has switched names several times in the last few years, and then you may want to walk away from them since that’s akin to a red flag.
  • Packing costs: There is something else that you need to be aware of; if you ask your packers and movers to do the packing prior to relocating all your stuff, then you can bet your last dollar that additional charges will be appended to your total bill. It would be advisable to get the packing done on your own, assuming that you know how to pack things safely and securely. But in case you do not, then you do not have much of a choice in the matter and would have to ask the packers to handle it. The good news is that a professional packer would have the requisite tools, experience, and expertise to safely and securely pack your items, prior to shifting the same and unpacking them at your destination. But they would charge you extra for the same.
  • Extra charges: Do remember that a few packing companies charge extra for moving your stuff from the ground floor to say, 10th floor in another city. It sounds a bit unfair but some of them will charge you extra for the additional labor. This is why you may want to discuss all and any additional fees with the packers and movers, well ahead of the move.

These are some of the tips that would enable you to choose the right firm and in the process, even expect a smooth relocation as well.

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