Top Fashion Items to Have This Year

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Every season brings its unique fashion standards with it. It’s often difficult for most people to keep up with them because the trends change as frequently as the weather, and you need to be a fashionista to know what’s in vogue at the moment. If you have trouble keeping up like most people, here’s a quick list to catch up. These five fashion items are some of the best selling products on Trendy Vibes, and they are going to be in fashion for a long time.

Floral summer slippers

Summer is the time to banish all the thick layers to the back of the closet and sport looser, more colorful outfits. It’s not uncommon to see people switching their shoes and sneakers to some open-toed sandals and slippers when the summer heat begins to radiate down. Floral slippers are sleek and comfortable to wear, giving you a chic and laid-back look. They also have anti-slip surfaces, and soft linen layering to give you maximum comfort. To top it all off, they come with several unique floral designs which will blend perfectly with your bright-colored summer clothing choices.

Polarized wood sunglasses

These particular sunglasses are polarized, which means they have an entirely reflective surface on the outside and give you a clear view of your surroundings from the inside. However, they are cool for other reasons as well. They have handles made of high-quality walnut wood, unlike the plastic handles you get with many other sunglasses. Because these shades are so unique, sporting them is bound to make you the center of attention everywhere you go.

Ponytail bun hat

There are only so many ways you can wear your hair naturally. Sooner or later, the ponytail is bound to feel a little old and repetitive. Why not use beanie bun hats to spice things up? They are cute and come in several colors, ranging from gray to bright yellow. You can pick a bright color for the summer, and thicker, duller shades for winter time. If you’ve ever wanted to wear a beanie with your hair up, this is the perfect fashion item for you. The best part is that with a little ingenuity, you can combine them with virtually any outfit.

Embossed phone cases

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear. Everything about you adds to your fashion statement. That’s why what you have with you (handbag, wristwatch, phone case) is almost as important as what you wear. Speaking of phone cases, a lot of people seem to love the ones that come with embossments. They are cute, they make a statement, and they protect your phone. They are like the first functional fashion accessories. No ensemble is complete without an attractive iPhone case to match. If you’re going to make a fashion statement with your outfits, you really should look into getting an embossed phone case.

Multifunctional watches for kids

Adults aren’t the only ones allowed to be fashionable. Kids also have the right to strut their stuff. You can get multifunctional watches for your kids. These watches come in different colors, depending on your kids’ preferences. They are shaped to look just like smartwatches and come with several features, including a sim port, built-in pedometer, flashlight, and call functions. It also has safety features like a built-in camera and emergency contact list.

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