Want To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle? Here’s How

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is far easier than you might think. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn each day to drink a kale and chia seed smoothie and practice yoga for an hour. Being healthier in your everyday life can start by:

  • Getting to sleep half an hour earlier than usual
  • Drinking two litres of water each day
  • Making sure you’re active for at least an hour in the day
  • Staying off your mobile phone and getting outside
  • Taking your dogs out for a longer walk each day
  • Decreasing how much sugar and processed food you eat

To live a healthier lifestyle, you must want to change as the motivation and drive has to come from you, and no one else.

Get Active

You should be engaging in regular physical activity each day and preferably for at least sixty minutes, but more is encouraged. An hour’s exercise can take shape in the form of a brisk walk to and from the corner shop, or a swim after work, for example. If you’re new to working out and want to see get fitter, then try walking 10,000 steps each day, although admittedly, this will take you longer than sixty minutes to complete. Walking isn’t as strenuous as running or lifting weights at the gym, which makes it an excellent place to start. Plus its low impact, as is cycling if you enjoy taking your bike out and whizzing around on two wheels.

If you enjoy going to the gym and languishing in the buzz that accompanies a workout, then be sure to get to your local gymnasium at least three times a week and look to spend an hour there. If you need a little push to get you there, consider stocking your wardrobe with All Day Alba fashionable activewear that provides extra comfort, is sweat repellent, and flatters your shape.

Switch Off

Mobile phone addiction can wreak havoc with your social life and fitness. It is said that being always on your mobile ‘keeps you close to those far away from you, but far away from those close to you.’ You can forget to pay attention to what’s happening around you when you’re transfixed to your phone, and it can easily distract you from getting on with necessary tasks, getting up and active, and socialising.

If you’re worried about the wasted time you lose to social media, then turn your phone on airplane mode when it’s becoming too much, or turn it off completely – if only for half an hour while you get on with your day.

Choose Nutritious Snacks

Your snacking preferences might be doing more harm than good. Snacking as a habit can be disastrous when you’re trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, as without knowing it, you can mistakenly consume your daily intake of calories before dinner time. Avoid sugary and fatty snacks such as chocolate, sweets, crisps, biscuits and swap them for the likes of hummus on oatcakes, Greek yoghurt with fresh berries, dried fruit (in moderation), fresh fruit, and nuts and seeds.




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