Which Car Covers Won’t Damage Your Car Paint?

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There is a rumor spreading that car covers (which are designed to protect your vehicle’s exterior) can actually damage your car’s paint. But, is there any truth to this story? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Some cheap car covers are made with low-quality material that can scratch your vehicle. So, how can you find a car cover that will protect your vehicle’s exterior without harming the paint? The key is to always select a cover that is soft on the inside and is custom-made to fit your vehicle. You may also want to invest in custom car bras that will protect your vehicle’s exposed front end. Here are a few good car cover options.  

Plushweave Cotton Flannel

Plushweave cotton flannel car covers are designed for indoor use. While they won’t protect your car from sunlight or rain, they will protect it from light moisture, dust and minor scratches. 

Superweave All-Weather 

A Superweave Premium All-Weather car cover is made from a proprietary blend of materials that provide your paint job with superior weather and UV resistance. The material is made with 300-denier fiber to provide exceptional durability and tensile strength. This type of coveris a good choice for outdoor protection. While you protect your vehicle’s exterior with a Superweave cover, don’t forget to keep your interior looking clean and new as well with custom fit seat covers


Like the Superweave, the Extremeweave car cover is specially designed to keep your vehicle safe from exposure to the elements. The material is coated with acrylic and polyurethane, which give it the ability to protect your paint no matter what the weather’s like outside. The cover is made without unnecessary seams that could potentially rub against your vehicle’s exterior and damage the paint. 

California Customweave Stretch Fit

California Customweave is a very soft material that is designed to stretch around your vehicle for a snug fit. Lycra/Spandex technology and polyester knit come together in an ultra-soft fabric that cushions your vehicle’s exterior from dents, scratches and dings. The cover is made only for indoor use and is not recommended for fabric convertible tops. To protect your vehicle even further, upgrade your stock floor mats with quality mats that guard against spills, mud and dirt. You can find the best floor liners for cars online. 

Sun Outdoor Cover

If your vehicle ever sits in the sun for extended periods of time, it’s essential to cover it up with a car cover that’s specifically made to block harsh UV rays. An outdoor sun cover will keep the sun from damaging both your car’s paint and its interior. It’s also a great choice for trailers and RVs that are stored outdoors, but it doesn’t offer protection from water. 

Ultraweave All Weather

The Ultraweave All Weather car cover is made with a highly durable, water-resistant material that maintains both is strength and color even with extended use outdoors. Double 15-D yarns are woven into the fabric to give the material some stretch so it will fit tightly over your vehicle. 

From custom car bras to premium car covers, there are many things you can do to protect your vehicle’s paint job. Don’t forget to wash and wax your car regularly as well for optimum protection. 


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