Why Adrafinil Is One of the Best Nootropics Available

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Whenever someone finds something that works extremely well, they tend to share this information. Many other people interested in that kind of product will begin to clear the shelves of that particular product.

Adrafinil is doing just that to the world of nootropics. If you aren’t in the know, nootropics are supplements used to increase mental capacity and function to enable the user to perform tasks more adequately, and use the entirety of their brain power. There are hundreds of different nootropics available, but only about a dozen or so that people use consistently. As adrafinil’s popularity isn’t a fluke, it has some serious power behind it. What exactly is this power, you might ask? Read on.

Increased mental and physical performance

As the compound is a light stimulant, it’s known to revitalize the body and mind of whoever happens to be taking it for the duration of its effects. People who use adrafinil report their thoughts flow much faster and freely, with an increase in physical speed to boot.

Increased focus

It’s no surprise that sometimes, we need to do things we aren’t particularly interested in, so there are times where we might seek out something to make that activity a bit more tolerable. The increased focus from adrafinil is very commonly used to get through monotonous tasks like studying. Even then, the focus can be used to help during times where mental energy is necessary to do a job as properly as possible.

Extra wakefulness and alertness

Some people use nootropics to optimize their body when it’s already at peak performance. However, the wakefulness from adrafinil has a huge utility in helping keep someone awake if they didn’t manage to get adequate sleep the night before. There are times when our lives can get very hectic, with sleep suffering as a result. Adrafinil can transform what would otherwise be a very sluggish and challenging day into one that goes by in a flash.

Reduces depressive symptoms

Depression is thought to cost the world billions of dollars in lost productivity each and every year. People with mild to moderate depression have reported a decrease in their symptoms upon taking adrafinil and note that the substance is much more well-tolerated than most antidepressants. While the drug shouldn’t be used to replace conventional antidepressants, those looking for any additional help with their depression are well-served by adrafinil.

Small side effect profile

One of the biggest issues with adding a new substance to your diet is that you never know what side effects you’ll experience as a result. Thankfully, adrafinil produces very few side effects, and those that are felt tend to be extremely minor in nature. Things like difficulty sleeping and a changed appetite are all you’ll have to worry about when it comes to this substance.

Low addiction potential

Unlike more powerful stimulants, adrafinil and its active metabolite modafinil have a very low potential for addiction. On top of that, tolerance builds extremely slowly to the drug, with many people taking it for years at a time with the same dose. This means the common dose of 300 mg (like the adrafinil found at can be taken for a significant period of time, without you needing to start taking two capsules a day as opposed to just the one.


Although it isn’t a wonder drug that will cure all of your issues, it’s safe to say that adrafinil is much more than a sugar pill. People who want a bit more spring in their step consistently choose adrafinil to keep them functioning at their best mentally and physically. Maybe you might end up being one of them.

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