4 Of The Easiest Ways To Start Writing A Book

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Writing a book is a daunting task, but it’s usually hardest before you’ve even started. If you keep thinking about it and don’t actually do anything to start writing, it’ll seem like a gargantuan task in your brain and you’ll never get it done. Whether you want to write fiction or nonfiction, some of the ideas here can help you.

Decide What Kind Of Book You Want To Write
First of all, have an idea of the kind of book you want to write. Know what sort of message you’re trying to get across, who the book is for, the genre, and so on. If you’re unsure, you should look at the books you like to read, or the book you’ve been wanting to read and that can give you an idea.

Come Up With A Loose Plan
Being too rigid with your plan can make your writing more difficult. Instead, a loose plan can keep you going while letting your imagination work.

Start Writing A ‘Trash Draft’
You shouldn’t be too caught up in your first draft – many people call this a ‘trash’ draft. This is because it usually gets edited to the point that it looks completely different anyway. Just write whatever you want, don’t worry about grammar or spelling mistakes, and get words down on the page. Try not to care too much.

Come Up With Character Names
Sometimes, you can find if you come up with character names, the characters develop their own personalities and stories. You can find Irish name inspiration below.

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