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5 Key Signs It’s Time to Sell Your House and Move

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Over 5 million existing homes were sold in 2018. It’s something that a lot of homeowners consider at some point. Even when their current home holds a lot of sentimental value, it might be a missed opportunity staying put.

Selling your home may seem like an overwhelming process, but is because you’re unsure if it’s the right time? How do you know when it’s time to sell your house and move into a better place? Answers to these questions will depend on your situation.

To get you started, we’ve gathered five good signs that you need to sell.

  1. Bigger and Better Things

The most common reason to sell a home and move into another is space. Outgrowing a home often comes as a result of new family members entering the mix. It may also come from the pursuit of a new passion, i.e. art, home business, or baking abilities.

Whatever it is, being able to move into a bigger house off the sale of your original home is ideal.

  1. Downsizing and Traveling

Another big reason people sell their homes is to downsize or stay mobile. Over half of Americans like the idea of living in a tiny home. These aren’t your average design fad, tiny homes make a lot of logistical sense.

Tiny homes are lower maintenance, cost less to live in, and can become mobile without special moving crews. Being tethered to a central location isn’t for everyone, consider the perks of living in a tiny home.

  1. Financially, It’s Time to Sell Your House

Whether your income has drastically increased or fallen, selling your property quickly is often the next step. Homeownership shouldn’t become the default marker for success. Moving with your financial capacity is the best way to avoid stagnancy. 

Leverage your biggest asset for growth or security.

  1. Neighborly-Love has Run Dry

When you first move in, it’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood. After months or years pass, the masks start to come off. We’re not saying all neighborhoods are fake or two-faced, but if yours has more enemies than friends, it’s time to go.

Harboring feelings of resentment towards your neighbors isn’t healthy, even if they technically don’t bother you. Community is more valuable than a cheap mortgage these days.

  1. The Market is Ripe

If you take a look at the local market, find out what houses have sold for in the last few months. If you notice an upward trend, you might have an opportunity to make out with a nice profit if you decide to move. Leveraging your home’s value is the best way to increase your wealth.

Ask a Realtor

If any of these signs apply to you, then it’s probably time to sell your house. If you’re still unsure about the process itself, get some free advice from a realtor. It may benefit you more to use a realtor to do the selling than doing it solo.

Try not to spend too much time thinking about your decision. Time is money and the real estate market moves fast.

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