5 Most Common Eyebrow Myths Debunked

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In this era of Instagram and Snapchat, you will find models and other makeup artists obsessed over their eyebrows and posting pictures with different styled brows. Influenced by which, girls have also started experimenting the same. Just like hairs, eyebrows play equally important role in enhancing your appearances. Yet, there are some myths which are followed on social media. Let us find out how much truth lies behind them:


  • A finely arched set of brows suits any face


This is the biggest myth you will ever get to hear about eyebrows. Just like all hairstyles are not meant to be suited on all face types, how can you think of one particular shape of brows to look good on all face types? 

The eyebrows that look good on the shape of your face might not suit your friend’s face. Even the best arched ones do not go well with all shapes. So let the professionals decide which eyebrow arch suits you.


  • Over-plucked or over-tweezed eyebrows won’t ever grow back


To your surprise, this myth might be true to some extent. It is not that if you over-pluck your brows or over-wax, it won’t ever grow back, but sometimes over-plucking does lead to the shedding of hair but there’s always a way to fix it.

You can use a brow renovation serum to re-grow your eyebrows. It will help you get back the fallen brows. So, you need not panic in case you’ve got your eyebrow over-plucked by mistake.


  • Eyebrows should go with hair color


Ladies, you must have seen many of your favorite actresses going blonde. But have you observed their brow colors? You must have. Despite getting their hair colors changed, they’re eyebrows remain the same colored; which is not even closer to the new blonde hair. 

Wonder if that makes any difference? It doesn’t, dear women. Your eyebrow color has to match with the entire complexion and look of your face and has got nothing to do with the hair color. Next time when you think of going blonde, go and get it done without any hesitation.


  • Eyebrow pencils are best to fill in brows


Gone are the times when you did not have many options to shape and fill in your eyebrows. Now is the time when if you look for one way, you’ll end up getting two instead. 

Using eyebrow pencils have become old school thing. These pencils are now replaced by wax and powder based products which help you get a fine and more natural look. It is because powders blend more easily than pencils do. 

You can use a brow brush to have a good control. Remember to start from the interior of the brow, working your way towards the arch. 


  • Both the brows should look exactly like twins


This is undoubtedly a highly believed myth. Your eyebrows should look like sisters and not twins. One can never have perfectly and exactly the same brows. Experts say that a pair of eyebrows tends to grow differently and this is quite normal and has many reasons behind it. All you can do to cover up this flaw is fill them in with a brow pencil or using a brush. 

By keeping these points in mind, you can always get your eyebrows done according to you when you visit the salon the next time. Allow only trusted hands to get close to our eyebrows.  Taking care of your eyebrows will surely help you style them in a pretty flawless way. Eyebrows depict your attitude so keep your attitude on point and your makeup spot on by following these simple steps.  





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