5 Ways How Essay Writing Can Significantly Improve Your Health

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We can all transfer our thoughts to the paper, in some sense, this makes us writers, even if we are not able to masterfully twist the plot, like Shakespeare.  What kind of feelings do you have after spending a couple of hours on writing a text, article or a new chapter? If a feeling of relaxation, energy filling, inspiration comes to you, do not be surprised. It is natural. Many writers confirm the influence of writing on their well-being, thinking process, and perception of various things. The habit of writing is useful for self-expression, the development of creative abilities and thinking. Indeed, the writing of texts affects the brain and health much more than it seems to us. Let’s see how exactly. 

  1. The brain is activated while writing 

The well-known fact that the brain is divided into two halves, each of which is responsible for certain points. The right side is responsible for creativity, intuition, ability. The left one is responsible for logical and mathematical thinking. While writing, both hemispheres of the brain are equally involved. To write the plot, the right beat is used. In order to structure it, create wordings and correctly construct sentences and the whole plot, the left one will be involved. So, during the writing, the whole human brain is activated and fully trained. This not only increases the intellectual level of the person, but it is also the most beneficial to health.

In addition, if you feel that the text is successful, why not share it with your audience? The praise also improves mood and raises self-esteem. If you have doubts about the quality of the text, you can always use write my paper as an editing service. It can enhance writing skills and make writing more well-organized. 

  1. Writing trains your memory perfectly

Other essential and inspiring point is that writing improves memory. It is very important in our time when a huge amount of information passes through us. It becomes more difficult to cope with. If you have to write something, you do not just search for the necessary information, but try to remember a lot to reproduce in the future. Static data also confirms this conclusion. For example, among writers from custom essay writing service, there is an extremely small percentage of people who have Alzheimer’s disease (memory disorder, in other words). 

  1. While writing, you “turn on” the intuition 

According to experts, writers very sensitively feel the reality. So, they are better than others notice the differences and, at first glance, minor trifles. 

In addition, their intuition is much better developed, they are able to feel even what is not subject to other random people. So it is possible to develop intuition. Just start writing.

   4.The expressive letter makes us happier 

Researchers confirm that writing, which is associated with a feeling of happiness, refers to expressive writing. These are notes about what you think and feel. The most obvious examples of expressive writing are a diary or blog. Laura King from Southern Methodist University in her research proved that people who write about their goals, dreams, and achievements, become happier and healthier.

Adam Grant, a writer, journalist and a professor at the Wharton School of Business, found the same effect: “People who were under stress at work kept their records for a few days. After the experiment, they began to feel better and their productivity increased by 29%.”

  1. The habit of writing helps to go through difficult times.

When you write about traumatic events, you get rid of the feeling of depression.

As Jules Renard said, 

“Writing is a special way to talk: you talk, and you are not interrupted.” 

Sometimes, to be relieved and to let go of negative emotions, it is enough just to speak out. Psychologists in their practice often use a similar method called self-authoring.

However, it will take at least 6 months to feel the benefits of this activity. But… it is important not to force yourself. Write when you want and when it brings satisfaction to you.

I wish you not to restrain your impulses, to express your thoughts on paper. Even if you never become a novelist. After all, writing is a special way to express yourself and become healthier and happier.



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