A Guide To Buying the Perfect Underwear

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Underwear, a required clothing item that does not get the importance it needs. Do you spend enough time underwear shopping, or do you simply go into a shop and quickly buy these items? If so, you may have experienced getting the wrong pair at some time or buying uncomfortable ones. To counter this problem, you need to know what to look at before selecting underwear. 

Continue reading on to find out all about underwear.

The different types of ladies underwear

Below are the different types of underwear that women can get. 

Boy Shorts

When it comes to boy shorts, these are regarded as being a feminine version of the men’s boxers that you may have seen. They are rectangular and give total coverage to the body. Boy shorts go a little below the hip, which is not like regular panties.

It is better to wear boy shorts with skirts, trousers, and clothes that you wear daily when relaxed. When these are seamless, wear them beneath formal skirts as well as dresses. 

Thongs and G-String

You may have heard about this type of underwear. Thongs claim to be unconventional when talking about underwear, particularly in a practical sense. But many ladies still prefer them because they are comfortable. Thongs have a waistband similar to regular panties but have a really narrow string which goes from the front to the back. 

For those who use thongs, G-strings may be familiar as well. These are regarded as a fancier variant of thongs moreover have no waistband. G-strings have thin strings rather than the regular waistband, plus a really narrow coverage when it comes to the party line. It is better to wear G-strings as swimwear, with shorts, white jeans, and dresses, etc. 

Seamless panties

If you are not sure what seamless panties are, these do not have a common thick border. They also come in very soft fabrics such as satin, silk, jersey, and blends. These come in all types as well, such as hipsters, French cuts, as well as high-waisted, etc. They are for ladies who do not prefer thongs and G-strings. 

It is better to wear seamless panties with white jeans, shorts, skirts, trousers, and bodycon dresses, etc. 

Everyday Hipsters

Hipsters tend to be a mix among the bikini and boyshorts. With these, the waistband is such that it goes around the hip. Moreover they sit lower on the body in comparison to regular briefs. They give good coverage and also have bikini-like leg holes. If you like the bikini style, then try out hipsters for daily use.  You can wear hipsters with any outfit. 

High-Waisted Briefs

Many women do not prefer the extra flab which bulges out at the time that they wear some low lying panty. Therefore high-waisted briefs tend to be a good option for them. High-waisted briefs are able to provide one with good coverage, they sit above the belly button, give shape to the body, moreover are really comfortable. On top of this, you can wear them with any outfit of your choice. 

Standard Briefs

Coming on to briefs, these are what one means when they talk about underwear. They are a standard, soft along with comfortable panty which can be regarded as an everyday essential for ladies. With these, the waistband is such that it rests on or slightly below the belly button for those looking for something with better coverage, select high-waisted briefs. 

The French Cut Panties

Looking at French cut panties, these are slightly different variants of briefs. These give one similar coverage. When it comes to the waistband, it sits on the belly button; nevertheless the leg holes tend to be close to the hip, therefore do not give full coverage to the hips. You can wear these with any outfit as well. 

Attractive Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are part of swimwear. You can find them in soft and flowing fabrics, such as lace, jersey, satin, plus silk, etc. They are able to give you moderate coverage. Bikini panties are a mix among regular briefs as well as a thong. When it comes to these, you have many choices. You can pair them with pretty two-piece bikini sets or wear them like a bikini pair. 


Compressors can be said to be panties and shapewear. Some women like these because they shape the body when needed. For those people who often wear shapewear above their panties, try out compressor panties. These provide complete coverage, tuck the tummy in without causing one to be uncomfortable, and even have a thick waistband. 

You can look at the different brands that sell undergarments like Ms Aphrodite for instance and experiment with buying one pair to see if you like their products. 

Now that you know about the different types of underwear let us look at underwear fabric choices. 

Underwear Fabric Choices

The fabric of your underwear like any other outfit is important. You want a comfortable fabric.

Soft Cotton 

Cotton is said to be the most common as well as breathable fabric for panties. It is a popular choice in underwear fabric. Cotton is wonderful for daily use. In fact regular briefs tend to be often made using pure cotton. Therefore if you want your underwear to be made of safe and comfortable fabric, opt for cotton. Cotton is good for summers, workouts, and everyday wear.

Mul Mul Cotton 

You may not have heard of this, but Mul cotton is said to be a cotton blend. It is softer and also slightly thicker in comparison to cotton. Mul is also not really breathable but is light and soft on the skin. It is preferred for daily use. 

Fancy Lace Fabric

Lace gets used for fancy lingerie. These tend to be light and transparent. Lace is not good for wearing in the winter because it is thin. If you want to wear this type of underwear with heavy clothing, then it may work out in the winter. You should purchase it from standard brands as lace can lead to irritation and unwanted itching if the quality is not good. 


Satin is said to be smooth and soft. It is luxurious on the skin. Satin is the best for lingerie and also when you feel like pampering yourself. 

Silk Fabric

Silk is mainly used to make lingerie and fancy panties, or by those brands which let everyday panties be interesting. Silk is able to sit on the skin seamlessly and also feels almost weightless. 

Jersey Material

Coming on to jersey material, this is usually a blend consisting of polyester and nylon. Jersey material is waterproof. It is preferred when going to the beach and for swimming.

The above are the different fabrics available when it comes to undergarments. Due to the fact that underwear is in direct contact with skin, you need it to be made of good quality fabric. Invest in something good that you can wear relaxingly. You can choose the one that is best and most comfortable for you. If you are not sure, try buying undies made of different material that is of quality. Experiment with the best materials so as to get the perfect one for you. 

Some buying tips for underwear

When you want to buy underwear, there are some tips that you can consider. 

Get the correct size

Size is something that is very important, and you need it to be perfect so that you are not faced with being uncomfortable. You should take out time to get the correct measurements for your undergarments so that you do not end up with the wrong size. Measure the waist and hips prior to going shopping so that the best size can be gotten. All brands have different sizes; these also change with the type of undergarment. Therefore it is important that you do this. 

Get the Proper Type of Underwear

It is vital that you buy the proper kind of underwear that suits your body shape. 

It is better to wear breathable underwear. It should be comfortable, being not really loose and too tight, it should pinch into your skin. You should change underwear often, and not wear them for long durations. It is not advisable to wear the same underwear for two days running. This is a part of hygiene. It is better to limit using fancy lingerie such as a thong, G-string, crotchless underwear, etc. This is because bacteria are able to pass into the vaginal area and lead to diseases. 

The above is important information that you can keep in mind when going underwear shopping. If you have experienced buying the wrong pair, you know how annoying this is. In fact, some stores do not accept the return of underwear, and so you will have wasted money. Therefore know your size and what fabric you want before you go shopping for these important items. It is also necessary that you maintain full hygiene with these, as dirty underwear can cause unwanted and harmful diseases. 

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